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Through training unified professional knowledge and skilled practical skills, the shopping guide elite class helps fabric consultants to take up their posts quickly, helps new and old franchised stores reduce labor costs, and quickly enters the standardized operation track

ruyushui shopping guide elite class

the reform is carried out on the original basic class, and the training lasts for 18 days. Through the training of unified professional knowledge and skilled practical skills, it helps fabric consultants to take up their posts quickly, helps new and old franchised stores reduce labor costs, and quickly enters the standardized operation track

a new franchised store from Jinshi, Hunan, and 10 old franchised stores from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, Donggang, Liaoning, Jiaozuo, Henan, Mengcheng, Anhui, Sheyang, Jiangsu, Shiyan, Hubei, Yancheng, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, Jinan, Shandong, and Xinzhou, Shanxi. A total of 21 students gathered at the brand headquarters to learn and grow

clarify goals and improve team cohesion

in the 3rd shopping guide elite class, eight specialty stores came to the training alone, and it is inevitable to have uneasy emotions in the face of strange environments. Through the formation of teams, teachers made students feel the warmth of each other, enhanced the communication between students, more clearly defined goals, and improved team cohesion

ironmaking also needs its own hard work: Basic + practical work

a qualified fabric consultant should not only have professional knowledge, but also have skilled practical skills, so as to be closer to customers, bring customers the best service, and lay a solid foundation for singles

basis: scale reduction, calculation, manual sheet, computer recording

actual combat: measuring ruler, home decoration style, color matching, good product witness cabinet, sales process

release pressure and actively meet challenges

many students are exposed to curtain knowledge for the first time, and they are relatively difficult in learning. In addition, with new knowledge and assessment every day, the pressure continues to increase. In order to alleviate the tense learning atmosphere, the teacher specially increased the game link, which not only shows the versatility of the students, but also allows the students to slowly open themselves, study happily, and meet the challenge with a high attitude

the goal is consistent with the action, and never give up

as long as you pay, there will be a return! Chen Liangliang, from Sheyang specialty store, wanted to give up several times in the basic knowledge learning stage. With the encouragement of his classmates and teachers, he firmly set his goal, finally passed the examination and graduated smoothly

if you don't force yourself, you will never know how strong you are! Wei Liwei from Jiamusi, despite her sprained foot, still endured pain and insisted on attending class. Her spirit of never giving up infected many people. As a result, she achieved her goal with her own actions

success comes from persistence and effort

in the 18 day study, the students have the courage to challenge themselves, break through themselves, adhere to the goal and work hard. Finally, they repay themselves with excellent results and become a qualified fabric consultant

learning requires not only the output of ideas, but also immediate action, so that we can quickly turn the learned information into our own wisdom. We believe that after returning to the franchised store, students will go all out to realize their maximum value, grow together with like a fish in water, and achieve win-win results

like a fish in water, the 3rd shopping guide elite class has come to a perfect end, and we look forward to the arrival of the next session of students

win in choosing


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