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Decoration is a trouble, but there is a saying called “ Rome was not built in a day;, Naturally, a beautiful home will not appear in front of you overnight. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and ten thousand tall buildings rise from the ground, so the house has to be decorated day by day. Mr. He from Hangzhou recently joined the decoration army. Let's go and see what happened to his decoration

house information: 107 ㎡

decoration style: Modern

decoration method: half package

community: Hangzhou Nandu garden

decoration progress: demolition and renovation, water and electricity

decoration time: 15 days

officially started on May 2, 2015

when the decoration company went to the property office to go through the formalities, it was told that the floor of the old house was relatively thin, and it was possible to break things downstairs when laying solid wood floors and striking keels. GG resolutely gave up solid wood floors, Use solid wood composite, and the slotting can't be too deep, and the double wall can't be smashed. If you want to smash it, you have to go through the license formalities, and then the kitchen sliding door plan is cancelled. Licensing procedures? Let me check again

a master has smashed it. According to GG, the floor is well protected and there is no mildew below, but the water and electricity transformation still has the wear, the color and the height of the floor. All kinds of factors can only smash it! The transformation of second-hand houses is troublesome! Hope everything goes well

on May 3, 2015, the decoration was carefully calculated

went to the home market with GG, and compared several other floors. There are also solid wood floors without ground keel (i.e. solid wood floors for floor heating), but the price is higher, and the comprehensive cost performance still chose BER solid wood floors (1.8cm, the third item in the picture). Installation only requires lock, no glue, no nails, and saves the floor height. I paid a 5000 deposit to participate in the lottery and won a 100 yuan coupon, but the home accessories store there has closed, and there is still a chance to buy it until May 30




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