The new concept of choosing floors keeps the decor

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The new concept of choosing floors keeps the decoration up to date

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wood flooring is one of the main materials of decoration. If you want to keep the decoration of your room out of date, the owners need to update their ideas when choosing flooring

old vision 1: the smaller the color difference of wood floor, the better

new concept: wood flooring will definitely have color difference. In fact, in foreign countries, especially in some developed countries in Europe and America, wood flooring with color difference is very popular in recent years. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the floor has color difference. As long as the depth is mixed and arranged, or the depth is transitional, it can achieve good results

old vision 2: the floor changes color one year after installation, which is probably due to the purchase of inferior flooring

new concept: if the floor discoloration is caused by natural oxidation, this is normal

old Vision 3: the situation that the solid wood floor is accidentally scratched or dented by impact is generally impossible to deal with

new concept: now there is floor repair wax on the market that can repair damaged floors

old vision 4: if the floor is uneven, it is difficult to pave the floor

new concept: if there is a height difference of more than or equal to 5mm within 2 meters of the floor, it can be leveled with cement first, and then installed by suspension or directly installed by nailing; If the height difference is less than 5mm, suspension installation can be directly adopted

old vision 5: when paving solid wood floors, you should first lay keels on the ground, and then lay Blockboard on it, and then pave solid wood floors

new concept: in this way, the floor looks level on the surface, but the boards made of synthetic artificial glue will become hidden dangers. After a period of time, the solid wood floor on the surface looks intact, but the underground boards have rotted




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