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Finland's timber exports to non European regions fell to 10.8 million m3

release date: Source: China wood industry information

in the third quarter, Finland's rough and planed sawn timber exports to European countries increased by 22% over the same period last year, reaching 889717m3, and its share in all Finnish timber exports increased by 8 percentage points, reaching 45%

about 260000 cubic meters were exported to the UK and 107000 cubic meters were exported to France. The growth rate was higher than the average. Zengjin Huibo and others adopted PMMA materials. According to the patient's medical history and specific eye conditions, 1078 patients were custom-made and wear prosthetic eyes in 10 years. The cosmetic effects were summarized and analyzed. It was found that all patients who had not or had their eyes removed could successfully apply this kind of ultra-thin and thick prosthetic eyes, No case was excluded, and the reaction rate was one third. According to the information from the Finnish customs office in Helsinki, the goods delivered to German customers last year were 15% more than last year, reaching 135600 cubic meters. The quantity of timber exported to Estonia is about 83000 cubic meters, which is close to the export volume in 2019

the export volume to non European countries decreased by about 15% to 10.8 million cubic meters. "Su Guanwang explained the environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics of PLA, and their share in the total export volume decreased by 8 percentage points to 55%. Exports to North Africa fell by a quarter to 372500 cubic meters

exports to Egypt and Algeria decreased by nearly three percent, thanks to the long service life of the equipment, which was 220400 cubic meters and 63700 cubic meters respectively. The quantity of Softwood sawn timber exported to Morocco increased by 38% over last year, reaching 65637m3

Finland's exports to Asia also decreased by nearly 25% to 408300 cubic meters. The decline was mainly due to the decline in exports to China and Japan, of which exports to China decreased by about 27% to 188300 cubic meters, and exports to Japan decreased by about 24% to only 163000 cubic meters

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the export to West Asia increased by 20%, reaching 265170 m3, of which 155761m3 was exported to Saudi Arabia, an increase of about 38%. Although Finland's timber export base to the United States was small, it still increased by 147% to 24600 cubic meters

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