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Fire and explosion prevention in the production process of dangerous goods

1) civil blasting equipment

(1) the production technology of civil blasting equipment shall be mature, reliable or subject to technical appraisal

(2) all enterprises engaged in the production and storage of civil blasting materials shall formulate process technical procedures and safety operation procedures that can guide normal production and operation

(3) for mechanized operation that may cause combustion accidents, measures such as automatic alarm, automatic shutdown, automatic explosion unloading and emergency response shall be set according to the degree of danger

(4) all equipment, appliances and instruments in contact with dangerous goods shall be compatible

(5) special equipment endangering production safety shall be subject to safety appraisal according to relevant regulations

(6) prevent impurities from mixing in the production of explosives and explosives

(7) during production, storage and transportation, it is not allowed to use open fire, and it is not allowed to contact open fire or high-temperature objects on the surface; If it needs to be used under special circumstances, it shall be clearly stated in the process data, and shall be limited to a certain safety range, and the fire rules shall be observed

(8) friction and impact shall be prevented during production, storage and transportation

(9) measures shall be taken to prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity

(10) all electrical equipment in the explosive production plant shall be explosion-proof electrical equipment, and all facilities shall meet explosion-proof requirements

(11) production and storage workshops shall be equipped with lightning protection facilities, and all buildings must be within the protection range of lightning rod

(12) in the production of explosives and explosives, avoid adiabatic compression of air

(13) machinery and equipment failures shall be prevented in time

(14) when the production equipment is shut down for maintenance, the remaining explosives shall be thoroughly cleaned; When electric welding is required, measures to eliminate stray current shall be taken in addition to corresponding safety measures

2) fireworks

fire and explosion prevention in the manufacturing process of Pyrotechnics:

(1) the raw materials of pyrotechnics should meet the quality standards

(2) grinding shall be carried out in a separate workshop. Mechanical impurities shall be screened out before and after grinding. Tools such as iron and plastic that generate sparks and static electricity shall not be used during screening

(3) for the crushing of black powder raw materials, sulfur and charcoal shall be mixed and crushed

(4) the crushing of high sensitivity raw materials such as aluminum powder, magnesium aluminum alloy powder, chlorate and red phosphorus must be carried out in a special workshop, using special equipment and tools, and operated by a specially assigned person

(5) when crushing and screening raw materials, we should adhere to the following:

① three fixations: fixed workshop, fixed equipment and fixed maximum crushing dosage

② four prohibitions: do not mix the workshop, do not mix equipment and tools, do not overfeed, and do not store crushed drugs in the workshop

③ all crushing and screening equipment shall be grounded. The electrical equipment must be explosion-proof. Remote operation must be achieved. The machine must be shut down and powered off during feeding and discharging. The workshop should pay attention to ventilation

(6) the preparation and mixing of pyrotechnic drugs shall strictly control the three passes of receiving, weighing and mixing

(7) the drug pressing and granulation workshop shall have a fixed number of machines and personnel. The drug temperature rise shall not exceed 20c °. During mechanical granulation, there shall be explosion-proof wall isolation and interlocking devices

(8) when the drug is dry, the dosage and temperature shall be controlled, and no open fire is allowed

fire and explosion prevention in the production of fireworks and firecrackers

(1) when receiving drugs, the principle of "small amount, many times and frequent transportation" shall be followed to receive drugs in limited quantities

(2) the charging and dosing shall be operated in a separate workshop. When the installation and construction do not contain high sensitivity pyrotechnic, the fixed number of personnel in each workshop is 2; When loading and building high sensitivity pyrotechnic drugs, the fixed number of personnel in each workshop shall be 1. Semi finished products and finished products shall be transferred in time, and the workbench shall be close to the export window; The tools for charging and building chemicals shall be made of wood, copper, aluminum products or materials that do not generate sparks. It is strictly prohibited to use iron tools. The impact parts such as the workbench must be padded with grounding conductive rubber plates

(3) when drilling and cutting semi-finished products with medicine, it should be carried out in a special workshop. Each workshop has a fixed number of people, and the per capita area of the workshop should not be less than 3 5m2. It is strictly prohibited to use unqualified tools and use the same tool for a long time

(4) when sticking cylinder label and sealing, the width of the main channel in the operation room shall not be less than 5. The main bearing of the dynamometer shall not be oiled less than 1 2 m, the per capita use area shall not be less than 3.5m2, and the total amount of stagnant semi-finished products per capita shall not exceed 2 times of the limit of charging process

(5) the manual production of nitrate fuse should be carried out in a separate workshop, with a fixed number of people in each workshop. The per capita area of the workshop should not be less than 3.5m2, and each person should receive a limited amount of 1 kg each time; When the machine produces nitrate fuse, there shall be no more than 2 units in each workshop, and the amount of drug stagnation in the workshop shall not exceed 2 5kg; The polished sample and polishing disc shall be pressed on the chlorate ignition line on the polishing disc in parallel and evenly. Whether it is produced manually or by machine, it is limited to a single workshop, which basically meets the product supply machine and single person operation in Central China. The drug limit is 0.5 kg

(6) when drying fireworks, sunlight and hot air shall be generally used. For Koizumi, heat exchanger, steam drying, infrared or far infrared baking shall be used. Open fire is strictly prohibited

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