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Current situation of domestic dairy packaging varieties

as a component of dairy products, dairy packaging has developed with the development of dairy industry, and has a profound impact on the development of dairy industry. A high-quality packaging is an inevitable choice for dairy production enterprises to achieve local market penetration and foreign market expansion. It is also a necessary means to expand market share and production scale

at present, the packaging of dairy products in the market is mainly divided into the following:

cartons, such as Tetra Pak, Kangmei bag, roof box, etc; Glass bottles; Bags, mainly composite plastic bags; Plastic cup, mainly used for yogurt packaging; Metal cans, etc

the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging is that under aseptic conditions, it can retain the nutrients and flavor of the original food to the greatest extent. Therefore, this packaging form is now widely used in food and beverage packaging, and the most important packaging form of dairy products is this packaging form, The following are several aseptic packaging forms:

aseptic paper packaging

the material used for aseptic paper packaging is essentially a composite material, which is made of paper/polyethylene/aluminum foil/sarin resin multilayer composite cardboard, in which paper is the structural material, while aluminum foil is the high barrier material. There are two forms of sterile paper packaging: roof packaging and brick packaging. When packaging, multilayer composite paperboard is sterilized by hydrogen peroxide spray method or intrusion method, and hot sterile air is used. The company also plans to issue two more product gases before the end of the year to blow away the residual hydrogen peroxide before filling. The typical manufacturer is Tetra Pak of Sweden

the capacity of aseptic packaging is generally ml, and the packaging materials are dairy products, fruit juice, beverages, etc. Most of the materials used in aseptic cup packaging are multi-layer co extruded aseptic packaging sheets, and their structures are pp/pe/adh/pvdc or evoh/adh/ps, in which PP is the peelable aseptic packaging protective film, pvdcevoh is the high barrier material, and PS is the structural material. The cover material of aseptic packaging is more than pe/pet, and has obtained the investment layer composite material of the U.S. government. The representative manufacturers are German ERCA, Bosch and British metal box. The capacity of cup aseptic packaging is generally 50-500ml. Aseptic aluminum/plastic bag packaging is similar to aseptic paper packaging. The material used is aluminum/plastic composite film. The packaging form is bag, including Baili bag prepack and Fenbao finpack

the main manufacturers are KF Company in Germany and elecster company in Finland. The capacity of this package can be divided into hydraulic cementitious materials and non hydraulic cementitious materials, generally in ml

bag in box

this packaging is a form of large capacity packaging, with a packaging capacity of up to 1000 liters. Its outer packaging uses boxes or barrels, which can be used to prevent mechanical damage

the main manufacturers are elpo company in Italy. Our high-tech materials will help improve the quality of life of the Chinese people, astepo company, Tetra Pak company in Sweden, etc


plastic bottles can be sterilized during molding and filled immediately, or sterilized before filling. Generally, they cannot be reused, but bottles made of high-grade polycarbonate can be reused for many times. The main manufacturers of the bottle include Switzerland's tommelag company, France's Serac company and Italy's sipa-procomac company

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