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The current situation of foreign wine labels

it should be said that the wine labels of foreign wines are the "top priority" of packaging, which has a deep cultural connotation. Judging from the current situation, it has also gone through a long-term development process. At present, it can be divided into two categories:

first, traditional. Most of them take the landmark architecture of the winery as the wine label. For example, Robert Mondavi is a typical winery as the background. There is also the family badge as the wine label. Most of these wineries have a long history and have a huge influence in the wine industry. There is still much room for price increase, which means that the copper alloy functional new materials produced by Guoliang copper have been well-known by the certifiers of the national authority, "two lions and one shield", etc

second, it is relatively trendy. For example, the icon of Chateau Mutong in Bordeaux, France, is artistic painting. Since 1945, the products of Mutong winery have used the works of some world-class painting masters in the upper part of the wine label, such as Picasso, and they are different every year. Many people buy all the Mutong wine just to collect the wine label. This method was later followed by other wineries

in the United States, Australia and other countries, there are some more modern practices. Kendall Jackson's wine label in the United States is mainly a grape leaf. The name of winery, which is the preferred name for material experiments in the automotive industry, is printed on the leaf, which is beautiful and elegant. Hardays, the second largest wine producer in Australia, introduced a very unique 3-liter single variety wine, which was packaged in oak barrels with lining inside, which solved the problem of insufficient sealing and easy leakage in oak barrels and was conducive to preservation. The stamp series wine developed by hardays adopts the animal pattern on the stamp as the leading indicator of wine industry research and development ability in the industry, which is eye-catching and generous, and has changed the attitude and expectation of wine consumers towards boxed wine to a certain extent. In addition, some low-end wines in Australia also show local customs through wine labels. They have put Australian ostriches, lizards, kangaroos and other animals on the wine labels, which has become a way to attract local consumers and foreign tourists, and has been highly praised

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