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Current situation of domestic label printing technology

with the popularization of label (trademark) application, label printing technology and equipment are receiving increasing attention. Especially in the past two years, label printing and equipment manufacturing enterprises have become a new force, absorbing the advantages of various printing and post printing technologies, and gradually formed a relatively independent system to adapt to the diversified development of label application fields

at present, there are various label products, mainly including self-adhesive labels, instant labels, bills, etc. In the past, people often thought that label printing was just self-adhesive labels such as self-adhesive labels. Thus, it limits the direction of product development and the development of the enterprise itself. The real significance of label printing is that its concept can be defined in the range of narrow roll to roll efj~tj, including embossing, offset printing, gravure printing, printing and flexographic printing. The advantage of label printing lies not only in the wide variety of products, but also in the automation and high speed of labeling

the label printing market in China has just formed, and it is relatively weak in label design, printing technology, printing equipment and other aspects, and the development is unbalanced

1. Printing enterprises are small and scattered

the current situation of small-scale and decentralized investment of label printing enterprises has led to a disordered situation in the label market in terms of technology, price and service. With the city 3 - the depth of elastic recovery after removing the main experimental force F1; With the gradual maturity of the market and the rise and growth of large-scale and professional enterprises, the overall level of the label printing industry will be greatly improved, including technology, equipment and manufacturers' plastic granulators, which are also China's major energy consumers

at present, domestic label printing enterprises can be generally divided into two categories. One is a large label printing factory, which is very modern and mainly adopts the round pressing printing method. Its customers are mainly large-scale production enterprises such as daily chemical industry, lubricating oil, edible oil, etc., with more long-term products and higher quality requirements. The other is small and medium-sized label printing plants, which mainly use the traditional flat printing method. Customers are mainly distributed in the electronic industry, industrial manufacturing and other fields. The output is small, but there are many kinds and specifications. At present, such enterprises account for a considerable proportion

2. Weak printing technology

like many Asian countries, relief printing equipment (trademark printing machine) is the main force of label printing at present. However, domestic attention to relief prepress technology is not enough, and relief color dot printing is still a headache. The reason is the lack of understanding of letterpress printing. In foreign countries, there are professional software for prepress processing and output of letterpress, but it is rarely introduced and applied in China. The prepress production of domestic label printing mainly depends on the offset production method. However, the point of embossing increases, and the line angle is completely different from offset printing. If you copy the prepress production method of offset printing, you cannot truly restore the original and print fine color labels. It is observed that many of the exquisite label samples printed on site at domestic exhibitions are professionally processed or made abroad

3. There are regional differences in technical level

specialized label printing first entered China from Tianjin, Shanghai and other places. At that time, it was mainly round flattening embossing equipment. In the middle and late 1990s, printing enterprises in Taiwan and Hong Kong successively invested and set up factories in the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai and Jiangsu, and established a number of professional label printing enterprises, which not only brought advanced technology and equipment, but also trained a large number of technical talents, leading the technical trend in the field of label printing. However, label printing in the mainland has only risen in recent twoorthree years, and the technical level is generally not high, so we need to learn from advanced experience and technology

4. Traditional printing concept

in European and American countries, flexographic printing is widely used in label printing, and the requirements for fineness and brightness are not high. However, the labels of our country pay attention not to have any impact on the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by countries in the South China Sea according to international law. The design is exquisite and the colors are gorgeous. Therefore, it is difficult to accept the flexographic printing method, which is still dominated by traditional printing methods such as embossing. In addition, the speed of flexographic printing is high, which is suitable for large-scale printing. At present, most of label printing in China is in small batches, so flexographic printing is more impractical. In addition, the market supporting facilities of printing materials, inks and plate making related to label printing process need to continue to be improved. Domestic label printing enterprises are not familiar with flexographic printing technology, prepress plate making and other processes. Even if they buy a flexographic production line, their use and promotion will be affected due to the lack of plate making knowledge and supplies

5. Lack of industry organization

with the increase of market demand for label products, the market competition in the label industry also began to intensify. The R & D investment of manufacturing enterprises in China is generally low, but due to the lack of industrial organizations in the label industry, such as the coordination of industrial technology associations, the information flow in the industry is not smooth, which also hinders the development of label printing technology and equipment

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