A new process of deinking old newsprint with the h

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Hydrosol: a new process for deinking old paper

old paper (ONP) stored for more than 6 months after printing is generally considered to be difficult to deink by conventional methods. In order to remove this over aged ONP ink, KULDEEP K. Kaul developed a composition of water, soaps and immiscible organic solvents. Under the specified process conditions, ONP is deinked without further bleaching, and the whiteness is close to that of base paper fiber pulp. The new hydrosol deinking process adopts a near neutral pH value for operation, and the final whiteness of the slurry reaches 61.7% Ge. The anionic surfactants used, such as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate and sodium dodecyl sulfate, cationic surfactants such as n-hexadecyl-n-n ammonium bromide, and the unique effect of water immiscible organic solvents, have been successfully applied to ONP deinking with a storage time of up to 3 years after printing, The organic solvent can be recovered by decantation method for recycling. This new hydrosol deinking process is also applicable to the deinking of other waste paper, such as copy paper and old magazine paper containing adhesive, which is coated on the surface of the body and parts

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