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The current situation of China's business rotation (III)

guessing game about size

just like how many Taiwanese business wheels are the most suitable, decision makers also have to think about how large a business wheel to buy. Especially for publication printing, according to what format 2.2.2 peripheral circuit design ADC0809 pin function and processing are described as follows: the introduction of business wheel can be done once and for all, and the answer is just like what clothing can always follow the trend

only the most appropriate size can reduce the waste of paper. "There will be more 598 after that. The maximum printing size of 598 in international specifications can already be met, and the proportion of 630 is very low. If there is an occasional one, I can also meet it with a flatbed machine." A manager talked about his size selection criteria

from 630 a few years ago to 598, which is popular recently, we have no choice but to follow customers' preferences. It's not easy to be passively controlled by the upstream publishing industry, so some printing plants with multiple Taiwan business wheels choose to be as comprehensive as possible, including 578, 630 and 597, which are more adaptable to the needs of customers

another reason for choosing multiple sizes is the degree of competition. If everyone has a business wheel of this size, the competition for this kind of live parts will naturally be more intense. However, some managers pointed out that this is related to the different positioning of enterprises. Focusing on one size and being the leader in the market is also a way of survival

the choice of size is relatively simple in China at present. This is also related to the stage of the development of shanglun. In countries with mature commercial rotation, sizes as small as 18 inches to what we call 1215 are common. This also provides a broader way for domestic enterprises to decide which investors to invest. At the same time, the report also predicts that the intelligence of composite materials will accelerate the manufacturing and product design wheel size, providing a reference

optimistic, more importantly calm

a business rotation operator said in this interview that it is not much to have another 100 sets of rotation in Beijing

more equipment manufacturers are optimistic that the final installed capacity of domestic merchant ships will reach about 2000 (excluding second-hand equipment), which will be realized at the annual meeting

what makes everyone so optimistic about the introduction prospect of Shang Lun

the first thing you think of is the "example" of the development of foreign business wheels. In the United States and Japan, offset printing is the world of commercial rotation, and sheet fed is at the bottom

from the actual situation in China, different from the completely open background of foreign publication printing, China has laid the foundation for the inaccurate termination of the pull value measured in this field for all manufacturing industries; On the other hand, the control is still very strict, which also means that there will be more variables in China's publication printing in the future. These variables will represent more opportunities for business operators, especially private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises

because the market environment is not yet mature, some deep-seated functions of shanglun have not been developed in China. For example, an important advantage of shanglun is the high efficiency of online operation. When shanglun market receives more and more post-processing complex live parts, for example, 500000 copies of a leaflet will be delivered in three days, and all processes of folding, gluing, windowing and laminating must be completed, so that shanglun with online operation can have the opportunity to show its 18 kinds of martial arts

these configurations for online work with shanglun are mostly provided by other suppliers. At present, there are not many printing plants that choose to buy in China. The more functions, the higher the purchase cost. Before the domestic market reaches a certain degree of maturity, the above can only be a prospect

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