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The current situation of domestic ink industry

in recent years, with the development of China's printing industry, the pace of development of domestic ink industry is also accelerating. At present, China's annual output of plastic packaging materials is 3.6 million tons, With the introduction of a large number of imported and domestic high-speed offset printing machines and the adoption of new printing substrates (for example, offset printing has expanded from the usual use of coated paper, white paper, cardboard to matte paper, that is, matte paper, gold plate paper, silver plate paper, aluminum foil and other printing substrates), new printing processes and special requirements for post-processing of printed products, ink enterprises rely on scientific and technological progress to constantly develop marketable new products and improve old products, The variety of products is increasing day by day, and the quality is gradually approaching the international advanced level. The update of ink production equipment and the improvement of production technology have also gradually attracted the attention of manufacturers. In the past decade, major domestic ink manufacturers in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiyuan and other places have paid attention to collecting market information and continuously developed marketable new offset printing ink products, such as: high-end offset printing bright and fast drying ink, cardboard ink, matte paper ink (matte paper ink), rotary ink, cold set offset printing rotary ink, UV curing ink, offset synthetic paper ink The output of iron printing ink and the latest thermosetting offset rotary ink in China in recent years has increased year by year, and the quality has caught up with or approached the international advanced level, which has been recognized by printing customers at home and abroad. In addition to selling in the domestic market to replace the high-end inks that needed to be imported in the past 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and some are exported to the international market. Some high value-added special offset printing inks have also been successfully developed, meeting the requirements of special printing. Degradable plastics have encountered such a dilemma. At present, most of the products in the offset printing ink product overview map can be produced by major domestic ink manufacturers, meeting the needs of the printing industry

in addition, major domestic ink manufacturers attach importance to the quality standardization and internationalization of offset ink products, and the color of some ink products has reached the Pantone color standard of the United States. Oil Honeywell Baton Rouge factory was founded in 1945, and ink enterprises have passed the ISO9000 series quality management system and ISO14001 series environmental management system certification, laying the foundation for domestic offset printing inks to participate in international market competition

at present, environmental friendly offset printing inks are also attracting more and more attention from printing users at home and abroad

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