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Current situation of domestic food packaging assembly line

there are about 6000 domestic food packaging assembly line production enterprises. Among them, about 2000 are not stable enough. Every year, 15% of enterprises will change production or close down, and about the same number of new food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises will enter. These data show two problems: on the one hand, the competition in the food packaging assembly line industry is very fierce, and its prospects are optimistic by everyone; On the other hand, it also shows that the food packaging assembly line industry has strong attraction and vitality due to the complex factors such as the utilization field, use environment, storage and transportation conditions of plastic products. First, it is very important to check the reasons for the displacement sensors of tension machines in the domestic food packaging assembly line machinery industry. There are about 1300 kinds of products, but the products lack high-quality, high-tech and high-precision supporting products, with low performance, poor reliability and stability, short service life, unsightly shape and rough surface treatment. Compared with foreign developed countries, the technical level of domestic food packaging machinery lags behind about 20 years on the whole. In the food packaging assembly line machinery industry, affected by funds, many small and medium-sized enterprises are unwilling to introduce foreign advanced technology, and they do not have funds for high-tech research and development. Therefore, many domestic food packaging machinery is lack of technological innovation. Compared with foreign products, domestic packaging assembly line machinery still has a large technological gap, which is far from meeting domestic demand. 2、 The competition in the domestic food packaging assembly line machinery industry is relatively fierce, in which small and medium-sized enterprises mostly rely on price to win when working, and the price competition is fierce. However, those small and medium-sized enterprises that wait for orders get customers but do not win profits, nor invest in technology research and development, capital expansion, and still have no negotiating advantage in the face of customers, so they can only form vicious competition and fight a price war again. Therefore, if the domestic food packaging assembly line machinery industry wants to develop for a long time, it should proceed from reality. While introducing technology, independent innovation is also essential; Moreover, we should keep up with large enterprises at home and abroad and maintain the stability of chemical properties and physical forms in the process of plastic processing and use;, Technically, we should develop towards full-automatic integration and reduce the impact of human costs; Only in this way can we produce equipment that meets the needs of the domestic market. Our food packaging assembly line machinery has introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment. It is already one of the top ten well-known brands in China, with strong strength and good after-sales service

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