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This week's rubber market analysis and next week's forecast (5..25)

1. International market: due to the stable downstream demand and tight resource supply, the spot price of SBS rubber in Asia this week rose by $10/ton to $1760/ton (CFR China's main port, equivalent to RMB 18480/ton)

2. Domestic market:

(1) SBS one week market analysis: under the background of the continuous high price of crude oil and external market and the serious lack of resource supply, as well as the low inventory of petrochemical enterprises and traders and the promotion of joint price hikes, East China, Fujian and South China markets continued to take on the strength of last week this week, and the price rose by 100 yuan/ton; In Fujian, South China and East China

(2) SBS market forecast for next week: due to the high price of butadiene in the outer market, petrochemical enterprises and raw materials, and the continued tightness of resources, as well as the enthusiasm of traders and downstream manufacturers to enter the market to buy and the joint price increase of traders and petrochemical enterprises, the market hit a new high. However, with the market price rising, traders and downstream manufacturers have reserved printer interfaces to be more cautious and worried about receiving goods, breeding resistance, The competitive and active marketing of material suppliers on the receiving day makes this kind of situation more complex and decreasing. At the same time, it is difficult to give play to the market, lack of advantages, and it is difficult to attract and stimulate the desire of downstream manufacturers and traders to enter the market. Therefore, the market trend next week: oscillation consolidation

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