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Researchers warned that plastic particles pollute the Great Lakes. Rios Mendoza, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, pointed out that plastic particles that pollute the sea are also likely to pose a threat to the Great Lakes

plastic is everywhere, she said. Someone told me that the Great Lakes are very clean. This is not the case. We found plastic particles in the lake, and the number is worrying

R "The high viscosity of thermoplastic resin puts forward strict requirements for the impregnation method. It is intuitive that s-mendoza and her team need a large amount of flame retardants to extinguish the fire. The plastic particles found in the Great Lakes are twice as many as those found in the Atlantic Ocean a few years ago.

in the ocean, due to its wide range, it is difficult to point out which country or region these plastics come from, she said, but Lake Erie is still strong. It is only a small shallow lake

Rios Mendoza said that when studying these plastics, she noticed that some plastics were round in shape, each with a diameter of 1 mm, and the colors were blue, green or white. This may mean that these plastic particles come from some beauty products and are discharged into the lake through the rainwater treatment system

fish in lakes are easy to confuse plastics with food. She said that if these plastics contain toxic substances, what will happen to fish after eating them? Will the problem end with fish? Or will it affect our health when we eat fish? In this regard, we have more questions than answers

some man-made pollution is discharged into the lake. Geoffpeach, manager of shoreline resource management of the coastal protection center of Lake Huron in Italy, said that when these pollution is discharged into the sea, we adopt a blind attitude, but once it enters the Great Lakes region, it is a problem for individual countries

he pointed out that the problem is very serious. These plastic particles may re-enter the drinking water system in coastal residential areas through water treatment devices

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