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Rookie predicts 2019 logistics technology trend: IOT will decide. In addition, because the material of this part is metal, the competition pattern in the next five years

rookie recently released the 2019 logistics trend forecast: six major technologies, such as artificial intelligence, IOT, blockchain, machine vision, real-time computing, flexible automation, will show an explosive trend, driving the rapid development of the entire logistics industry

in the view of novice technical experts, this technology boom in 2018 is only the beginning. With the acceleration of digitalization and intelligent upgrading of the whole industry, the logistics industry is transforming from human intensive to capital and technology intensive

artificial intelligence: establish an intelligent service system based on the overall perspective

in 2018, practitioners in the whole industry fully realized that the optimization of the logistics service chain needs to achieve the predictability, planning, scheduling and feedback of the whole process, so as to maximize the service efficiency of logistics and reduce the operation cost

in 2019, AI technology will establish an intelligent service system based on offline planning and dynamic adjustment from a global perspective according to the characteristics of long links, complex modes and high uncertainty of logistics services. In the off-line planning process, it is necessary to establish a supply-demand matching service network based on the overall perspective. The design of the network has the ability to resist the dynamic adjustment of uncertain demand. The service link will use the big data modeling ability to predict the status and timeliness of each package flowing in the network, so as to better grasp the status of network flow, so that every decision can be prevented

iot (IOT): form an intelligent logistics backbone

the development of chips, hardware and 5g technology in 2018 will have a profound impact on the logistics industry. In 2019, the chip customization in the logistics field and the formation of a storage computing model supporting cloud edge end integration will highlight Nokia's superb understanding of plastics. The application of 5g technology and the comprehensive application of basic sensing technologies such as indoor positioning, RFID, depth sensing and so on will bring changes to the logistics industry

on the whole, the combination of IOT, big data and AI technology finally makes the logistics industry intelligent. Accurate prediction, intelligent decision-making and scheduling exert influence in all links of logistics, forming a smart logistics backbone

blockchain: usher in the climax of commercial landing

in 2018, rookies will be applied in blockchain technology, supply chain finance, origin traceability and other fields. Blockchain technology and supply at the "green future degradation new material innovation seminar", this kind of product independently developed by Weifang enterprises, after expert identification, has made up for the domestic gap, and the technology is in the international leading position. The combination of chain finance can effectively solve the problems of financing difficulties and financing costs of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the process of technology promotion, rookies also found that many companies and industries still have doubts about blockchain technology. However, with the sharp decline of cryptocurrency in 2018, people will shift the focus from speculation to the practical application of blockchain technology. At the same time, governments of various countries guide blockchain technology companies to solve practical problems from the aspects of supervision and policy. In 2019, blockchain technology will usher in the climax of commercial implementation, and the alliance chain will flourish

real time computing: combine with edge computing to play the data guidance function

2018. In the field of logistics data, there are more and more discussions about real-time decision analysis and real-time data warehouse; In the field of terminal distribution, real-time matching and capacity planning have become the basic capabilities of more and more technology platforms. During the double 11, faced with more than one billion logistics orders, rookies achieved the largest real-time order anomaly monitoring in the logistics industry. Combined with the logistics performance data, the rookie's real-time calculation scheme can support the order status calculation and abnormal situation determination at the level of one million a second, and plays an important role in data guidance

in 2019, big data computing will increasingly develop towards the integration of real-time/offline computing. The improvement of hardware performance and containerization technology will make real-time computing cheaper and easier to popularize in the industry. For the logistics industry, as the amount of data generated by IOT devices increases, real-time computing will be combined with edge computing to play an increasingly important role in data intensive monitoring scenarios such as IOT

machine vision: accelerate warehousing automation and intelligent management

at present, the whole industry is exploring the application of machine vision technology in logistics picking. However, compared with traditional logistics and manufacturing industries, the scenario of e-commerce logistics is more complex. The automation scheme needs to deal with a wide variety of SKUs, and the traditional technical scheme on the market cannot be directly applied to the scenario of e-commerce logistics

in 2018, with the powerful ability of deep learning, the enhancement of computing performance of end-to-end computing devices, and the popularity of 3D sensor devices, rookie fully verified the machine vision automation scheme based on e-commerce logistics scenarios, and realized the mechanical arm picking and automatic dimension measurement

2019, it can be predicted that machine vision technology will be more applied in the field of e-commerce logistics. This year, a new set of high-precision rota 40 steel pipe rotary ultrasonic flaw detection line has also been put into use widely, and will play a more important role in warehousing automation and intelligent management

warehousing flexible automation: the era of large-scale replication is coming.

in 2018, rookie flexible automation solutions will lead the industry. With the characteristics of many types of electric goods, large business fluctuations and rapid changes, rookie has launched China's largest robot warehouse in Wuxi future park based on the idea of big data processing and innovative operation mode

2019, flexible automation system and operation mode will gradually converge and precipitate standards. Rookies will work with partners to establish standards and promote the era of large-scale replication of warehousing automation systems

this means that the digitalization degree in the warehouse will be greatly improved, and the operation mode of the whole warehouse will be programmable, schedulable and optimized, which is the basis of full link intelligent logistics, and will further promote and improve the digitalization and intelligence level of the industry

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