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Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020, what are the five major trends affecting the building automation industry

practitioners in the building automation industry know that it is necessary to meet the expectations of users in buildings for the industrial, commercial or public environment, and meet the latest global green building requirements. Benefiting from the evolution of technology, especially the development of emerging IOT network technology in recent years, it has brought about a fundamental transformation for the building automation industry, and there are many revolutionary developments and applications. Based on long-term industrial observation and professional practical experience, delta building automation team and its global subsidiaries have summarized the operation process of the five major tensile testing machines that will affect the cross fields of building automation, lighting, security and so on in 2020, and what are the trends of the sensor classification of the equipment, so as to drive the realization of a people-oriented, comfortable and sustainable building environment

1. IOT integrated building automation management

with the increase in the number of IOT equipment and the diversity of IOT services, traditional building automation systems are gradually becoming a platform based on IOT integration, which can integrate big data collected from building equipment, such as operational performance analysis, and can be applied to more advanced building automation applications

we can expect this trend to continue to affect the industry in 2020. According to garner's prediction in August 2019, in the enterprise and automotive IOT market, terminal equipment will grow to 5.8 billion in 2020, an increase of 21% over 2019. Among all categories, building automation is the fastest-growing market, with a growth rate of 42% *. The increase of IOT applications will promote the standardization of IOT protocols and data sharing to a larger database

2. Network security

under the trend of comprehensive IP communication network and the use of IOT technology to control buildings, it has opened up new possibilities for building automation integration and functions. However, with the increasing cloud based applications, owners, building managers and IT professionals need to work together to create a highly secure building automation system infrastructure. The improvement of network security awareness of building automation system and IP security network will be the main driving force for the development of all related products

the main challenge is how to deal with various threats faster and significantly reduce network risks in the building control system and security network based on IP. Effective ways to ensure security include implementing VPN channel and transmission level security defense in the controller, such as TLS or independent network through specific customs. At the same time, building automation solution providers have begun to cooperate with network security service providers to strengthen network security and reduce security vulnerabilities from product design to firmware development

3. Machine learning enters the edge device

deep learning has begun to enter the edge device. For the effectiveness of any solution, it is very important to fully understand the needs and behaviors of users through appropriate analysis and measurement standards. Using flexible and easy-to-use sensing data to achieve more integrated automation applications has become a hot topic in the building automation industry. The system can understand personnel identity through in-depth learning

in the next few years, the development of edge to core processing will be more common. In this way, more powerful edge devices will help distribute the required workload

4. Intelligent lighting for more value-added applications

today's intelligent lighting has not only achieved energy saving by automatic switching, but also further created a more comfortable light environment through situational design or supporting circadian lighting control

lighting combined with wireless communication support can become a part of the communication infrastructure in buildings. Data about users' behavior, location or interaction can be transferred to the cloud for analysis, and control strategies can be implemented according to the analysis results

5. People oriented solutions are everywhere

User Centered automation is undoubtedly the trend in the next few years. The working environment, commercial buildings and public facilities must be designed to ensure people's physical and mental health. In the future, there will be more user interfaces whose reflectivity can be dynamically adjusted to more than 600nm applications. Users can interact with the system and share data content with potential third-party analysis systems through open standards. It is expected that in the future, more building automation products and solutions that share personal preferences will enter the market and connect other personalized systems with wireless communication

to sum up, these five trends will create more opportunities in the foreseeable future, and there will be more breakthrough and forward-looking applications of intelligent building concepts

about Delta

founded in 1971, delta provides power management and cooling solutions for the world, and occupies an important position in many product fields. Facing the increasingly serious issue of climate change, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, automation and infrastructure. At the same time, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving solutions. Headquartered in Taiwan, delta operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and Europe

in recent years, Delta has successively won a number of international honors and affirmation. Since 2011, it has been selected into the DJSI world index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for eight consecutive years; It also received the rating of climate change leadership in the annual evaluation of CDP (carbon Information Disclosure Project) in 2016 and 2017

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