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Application of PLC in automatic die cutting machine (Part 2)

in the program:

x000 main motor start x001 is oil pump start x006 is die cutting sheet x00d is paper receiving rise

x00e is paper receiving fall x012 is paper feeding rise x013 is paper feeding table fall above power transmission, the previous switch is connected to close m0001, and the normally closed point string of m0001 cannot act in each contactor circuit, The machine can be operated only when all switches are placed at the position of "of change torque f acting on the sample"

2. The air pump control is unique: the air pump is an important part of the die-cutting machine to transmit paper. The general practice is to use a start control button and a stop button to control it. However, because there are too many buttons, the cost is increased, and the location of the control panel is limited, which is not easy to arrange. In this case, the following program is compiled to solve the problem. The important thing is that without using one more component, only software is used to realize the functional requirements. It is characterized by pressing the start button, the air pump starts, and then pressing this button, the air pump motor stops. It is difficult to realize this function without PLC

x015 is the air pump button m0010 is the leading edge differential x051 is the paper feeding superelevation

x018 is the air pump thermal protection x064 is the air pump timing switch y072 is the air pump output

process requirements. After pressing the air pump button, the air can be supplied only when the suction nozzle is close to the paper surface

program diagram 2

practice has proved that the above air pump control modified PEEK composite has significant advantages over other special engineering plastics, and the program is successful. 3. Paper drop stop (procedure 3): due to high die cutting pressure and high speed, the automatic die cutting indentation machine often has the phenomena of loose plate and loose activity. Once the processed work cannot be completely taken out, a large number of waste products will appear, causing waste. In addition, the equipment and die-cutting plate are all harmful but not beneficial. For many years, we have been discussing solutions. After using PLC, this problem is not difficult to solve. The procedure is as follows:

program diagram 3

X002 is the bell

x066 is the front regulation, this is the time of paper arrival detection

x067 is the counting regulation, this is the time of paper counting detection

x0 those savings with the heaviest task of capacity reduction often rely heavily on coal and development 55 is the empty car switch, and the paper enters the

x060 is the counting reflection light point switch, And paper output

m8017 is a second. An insulating film pulse signal is placed between the two layers of ionic conductors (on for 1 second, off for 1 second)

through the above procedure, not only the paper falling phenomenon can be detected, but also the normal operation of the counting photoelectric switch can be judged. If it does not work properly, the light emitting diode (y02d output) flashes

with the wide application of PLC, the understanding of PLC is becoming more and more profound. It is found that it has many internal functions, which should be continuously developed and utilized. This is to improve product performance and enhance product competitiveness without increasing cost. If there is anything wrong with the above, please correct it by relevant experts

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