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4trillion investment change infrastructure investment is adjusted to 1.5trillion

4trillion investment change infrastructure investment is adjusted to 1.5trillion

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Guide: the national development and Reform Commission explains in detail the whereabouts of 4trillion investment. The investment in livelihood projects such as affordable housing is 400billion, and the investment in infrastructure construction is 1.5trillion. In response to the financial crisis, it is better to be quick and heavy. It has the advantages of simple process, low cost, rich base materials It is easy to recycle. This round of international financial crisis is rare in a century, and it is not easy to predict accurately in advance, but

the national development and Reform Commission explains in detail the whereabouts of 4trillion yuan of investment

400billion yuan of investment in livelihood projects such as affordable housing, and 1.5 trillion yuan of investment in infrastructure construction

in response to the financial crisis, we would rather act faster and harder

this round of international financial crisis is rare in a century, and it is not easy to predict accurately in advance. However, we should especially prevent the downward trend from being contained if we slow down and punch hard enough. It takes a long time to recover after losing confidence

-- Zhou Xiaochuan

in China's 4trillion investment plan, 400billion will be invested in livelihood projects. Yesterday, China's three major economic executives interpreted the current economic hot spots on the same stage. Zhang Ping, director of the national development and Reform Commission, introduced in detail the whereabouts of the 4trillion fund

three measures of the central government to help local fund-raising

yesterday morning, the second session of the Eleventh National People's Congress held a press conference. The protagonists of the meeting were Zhang Ping, director of the national development and Reform Commission, Xie Xuren, Minister of finance, and zhouxiaochuan, President of the people's Bank of China

the popularity of the topic plus the weight of the publisher, so that one hour before the press conference, there was a long queue of 100 meters outside the venue

Zhang Ping first introduced the composition of 4trillion: it is calculated according to the current investment subsidy standard and subsidy policy. Money consists of three parts: central government contribution, local government commitment, and social investment. Among them, the central government invested 1.18 trillion yuan

For example, Zhang Ping said that the central government will undertake two-thirds of the planned projects and local governments will undertake one-third of the investment in education and schools. For the construction of low rent housing, the central government grants 300 yuan per square meter to the central region, 400 yuan to the western region, and no subsidy to the eastern region

at the same time, the central government supports local governments in raising funds, including three measures: this year, the central government issued 200billion treasury bonds on behalf of local governments as local supporting funds. Second, issue some policy loans. At present, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have discussed specific measures to issue some policy loans with relatively long term and low interest rates. Third, expand the issuance of local enterprise bonds. Since the fourth quarter of last year, 45 corporate bonds have been issued, raising more than 130 billion funds. At present, more than 50 countries have applied to the state for bonds to be issued, with a total of nearly 100billion

investment adjustment in some areas

Zhang Ping then introduced in detail the investment direction of "4trillion". Compared with the destination announced at the end of last year, the investment in some fields has been adjusted

for example, the total investment in livelihood projects, mainly affordable housing, will reach about 400billion. In the data released last time, the investment of "affordable housing project" is about 280billion. In infrastructure construction, the investment was adjusted from about 1800 billion to about 150 billion

Zhang Ping said that the central government's investment of 1.18 trillion, combined with shed reform and earthquake resistant housing projects, should be approved by the National People's Congress in the specific annual arrangements. During the implementation of the project, some changes may occur. In addition, in order to ensure that "the money is spent well", 24 inspection teams set up by the central government will be stationed locally, "from the current inspection situation, no major problems have been found". (Jiang Yanxin)

changes in China's 4trillion investment plan

5 energy conservation and emission reduction

announced last year: accelerating the construction of ecological environment projects is about 350billion

new plan: energy conservation, emission reduction and ecological engineering are about 210 billion

interpretation of Zhao Xijun: energy conservation and emission reduction is very important, but it is a long-term process of continuous investment. If the 4trillion plan does reduce investment in this area, it does not mean that energy conservation and emission reduction are not important, but there should be priorities. Energy conservation and emission reduction is an eternal theme

6 structural adjustment

announced last year: accelerating independent innovation and structural adjustment is about 160billion

new plan: adjust the structure and technological transformation by about 370billion

interpretation of Zhang Xiaoji: while finalizing the infrastructure construction investment project, it is also very important to adjust the structure and technological transformation, because it can greatly improve the production efficiency of the pressure testing machine, which is a kind of testing machine. 4trillion is a "package" plan. Although the investment distribution has been adjusted, the "total plate" has not changed. Maybe it will be adjusted according to the situation in the future

7 post disaster reconstruction

announced last year: accelerate post disaster reconstruction by about 1trillion

new plan: post disaster recovery and reconstruction of key disaster areas in Wenchuan Earthquake: 1 trillion

the focus of the press conference

four measures were able to maintain 8%

Zhang Ping said that the financial crisis had a serious impact on China's economy, but through a series of measures, some figures have shown signs of recovery, some bulk export products, especially light textile products, showed a growth momentum, and the prices of some products were relatively stable or rebounded

as for how to ensure the economic growth target of 8%, Zhang Ping said that the package plan adopted by the state mainly includes four aspects: expanding domestic demand, revitalizing industry, scientific and technological support and social security. In terms of revitalizing industries, the state has passed the adjustment and revitalization plan of ten key industries. Improving the ability of independent innovation and technological level is fundamental and long-term. "Every economic crisis is accompanied by a scientific and technological revolution and scientific and technological progress"

the total amount of loans in January exceeded expectations.

ask, is there a large number of new loans of 1.6 trillion yuan in January this year

Zhou Xiaochuan said that the total amount of credit in January was somewhat higher than expected. However, if the decline in confidence caused by the financial crisis can be stopped in time, it can play a rapid role in overcoming the financial crisis. In addition, there is still considerable room for fine-tuning monetary policy, which should enable the overall amount of credit issuance to maintain a reasonable level in a medium-term range

he also said that the total amount of new loans of more than 5trillion was not a mandatory plan, but a guiding and predictive figure. Moreover, in recent years, the amount of loans issued at the beginning of the year is generally large, which does not mean that the loans will disappear in the second half of the year, because "these loans are still in your account in the second half of the year, and can be used again"

According to Xie Xuren, the central budget for people's livelihood expenditure this year reached 728.5 billion yuan, an increase of 165.3 billion yuan over the previous year, an increase of 29.4%. We will vigorously support the deepening of the reform of the medical and health system, including the improvement of the new rural cooperative medical system, the comprehensive establishment of the basic medical insurance system for urban residents, and the subsidy standards of the central and local governments will all reach 80 yuan per capita this year. In terms of social security, the arranged expenditure reached 293billion yuan, an increase of 17.6%. This year, we will continue to raise the level of urban and rural subsistence allowances in accordance with the standard of 15 yuan and 10 yuan per capita per month

1 livelihood project

last year, it was announced that the construction of affordable housing projects will be accelerated by about 280billion

new plan: livelihood projects are mainly affordable housing, including low rent housing, forest areas, reclamation areas, and coal mine shantytowns, with a total scale of about 400billion

2 rural livelihood projects

announced last year: accelerating the construction of rural livelihood projects and rural infrastructure is about 370billion

new plan: rural livelihood projects include water, electricity, roads, gas and housing, which is roughly 370billion yuan

3 infrastructure construction

last year, it was announced that the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports should be accelerated, which is about 1800 billion yuan

new plan: infrastructure construction, including railways, highways, airports, water conservancy, etc., about 1.5 trillion

interpretation of Zhang Xiaoji (member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and director of the Foreign Economic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council): when the State formulates policies to deal with the economic situation, the first reaction of relevant departments is to invest in infrastructure construction, because each project has a large investment and quick results. Moreover, many "railway, highway and machinery" projects have been listed in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", which are launched quickly. However, with the in-depth analysis of the economic situation, it is not enough to rely only on the infrastructure construction pull of "quick and heavy", and the 4trillion yuan investment plan is dynamic

4 social undertakings

last year, it was announced that the development of medical and health care, culture and education should be accelerated by about 40 billion

the new plan: social undertakings such as education, health, culture and family planning, about 150billion

interpretation of Zhao Xijun (director of the Department of finance, School of Finance and economics, Renmin University of China): the adjustment of the flow of 4trillion funds reflects a tendency that the state will increase investment in areas that are more direct and obvious, which will bring great tests to the electrolysis device of Shanghai chlor alkali to stabilize the economy and ensure employment. A substantial increase in investment in science, education, culture and health means that it is possible to increase investment in employment training and rural education subsidies

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