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The first IOT industry investment and financing platform dominated by private capital was born. On May 14, the international IOT Promotion Association and IOT think tank reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen qianhaizhi Huigu Capital Management Co., Ltd., and the three parties initiated the creation of the country's first IOT industry investment and financing platform dominated by private capital to jointly create a smart entrepreneurship incubator

in the hot market environment of intelligent hardware, especially smart home, IOT has become the next outlet. Opening up the financing channels of IOT entrepreneurship is the key to breaking through the bottleneck of industry development. This time, the international IOT Promotion Association, IOT think tank and zhihuigu cooperated in depth, aiming at good projects, good ideas, and excellent entrepreneurial enterprises and individuals to incubate entrepreneurial dreams. In smart entrepreneurship, wind Paek polymer has been proved to be one for manufacturing load-bearing and non load-bearing aircraft supports. "Fan said, the ideal choice is to blow the wind, so that entrepreneurs can fly

this is the first private capital investment and financing platform established in China since the State Council issued a notice in June 2013 to encourage private capital to invest in emerging strategic industries. It will mainly set up entrepreneurship and industry funds for IOT and smart home, with an initial amount of 200 million yuan. The platform can not only provide financial support and management consulting for IOT enterprises, but also provide necessary R & D, production and pilot test bases for incubation objects, and carry out integrated packaging of market, brand and marketing, so as to create a high-quality innovative incubation mode of the whole industry ecological chain

the international IOT Promotion Association is registered in Hong Kong. It is mainly involved in the resource integration, exchange and promotion of IOT, big data, cloud computing, smart city, smart community, smart home and other ICT fields. It is a non-profit industry organization based on the four places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and committed to global operations. As a fast-growing IOT marketing and media team, IOT think tank strives to provide the industry with a consistent and fast global access to the latest technology and information. IOT think tank has accumulated rich experience in the cooperation with international technology enterprises such as Siemens, abb and Advantech, and participated in the late product promotion of intelligent hardware enterprises such as Bolian, HEMA intelligence and euribo, becoming a marketing and media company focusing on the initial strength of IOT industry. Shenzhen Qianhai zhihuigu Capital Management Co., Ltd. is the investment management company of zhihuigu group. Relying on its huge group strength, it constantly advocates the reform of business philosophy and thinking mode, and has become the flagship in the field of domestic investment and financing platforms

based on the strategic cooperation platform, the international IOT Promotion Association, IOT think tank and zhihuigu will give full play to their respective characteristics and combine their respective advantages to provide support to incubated objects from the three dimensions of scientific research technology, marketing promotion and financial management services. The international IOT Promotion Association and IOT think tank rely on expert technical capabilities and long-term industry marketing experience to help entrepreneurs achieve breakthroughs in product research and development and product functions; IOT think tank will also fully open the advantageous resources on marketing promotion and platform channels for all partners who join the investment and financing platform, cooperate with stations, microblogs, and other media forms, as well as offline product launches, forum exchanges, academic seminars and other means, so as to realize the three-dimensional one-stop service of marketing, market and brand services; Based on its own strength in capital operation and enterprise management, zhihuigu mobilized its rich experience in professional management in the fields of industry university research, project incubation and industrial transformation, bringing familiar industries "Three years ago, the expert advisory team of the policy and the excellent financial and tax legal advisory team.

according to the agreement and the tripartite cooperation procedures, the international IOT Promotion Association and the IOT think tank are responsible for screening the early-stage projects, recommending scientific and technological achievements, excellent entrepreneurial teams or individuals for zhihuigu, and zhihuigu will conduct entrepreneurial incubation evaluation on the applied projects. Once confirmed as an entrepreneurial incubation investment project, it will receive support including direct funds and project financing A number of preferential incubation services including zhihuigu project library (for investment by other investors), business model guidance, business operation planning and management, and operation site leasing. IOT think tank helps incubation objects continuously obtain information and ideas of industrial products, and contact evolving IOT concepts, technologies and solutions. In addition, IOT think tank will also serve as a major project application platform to accept applications for entrepreneurship incubation projects

the IOT industry is in the ascendant, and its broad market prospect is a consensus, but most start-ups and entrepreneurs face the congenital problem of lack of resources. The establishment of IOT industry investment platform forms an overall and efficient investment service quality by integrating the three pillar forces of technology, channel and capital, properly solves various problems that hinder IOT's entrepreneurship, greatly accelerates the market speed of intelligent innovation, and stimulates and drives more private financial capital to enter the IOT industry

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