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The investment amount reaches 40billion yuan! Huike's 11th generation LCD panel project was signed. Seven investors, including Shenzhen Huike, Henkel, EDF and ChuanHua group, signed on the podium of the main venue of the 12th Henan provincial investment and trade fair today. This is not only because of their investment scale, but also because they represent the main direction for Henan to expand opening-up and attract investment. Among them, the proposed investment amount of the LCD panel project invested by Shenzhen Huike alone reached 40billion

7 list of major investment projects in Henan, Shenzhen Huike 40billion LCD panel project "bright"

seven representative projects invited by Henan provincial government are:

representative projects of high and new technology, Huike 11th generation LCD panel project jointly constructed by Shenzhen Huike Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou airport port, which was jointly funded by Wang Zhiyong, chairman of Huike Co., Ltd., and members of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee Ma Jian, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou airport Experimental Zone, signed the contract, with a total investment of 40billion yuan. Huike 11 generation LCD panel project will produce 65 inch to 150 inch large-size 4K and 8K LCD panels, filling the gap in the new display industry in our province

representative project of new materials, the ultra-high water oxygen barrier membrane project jointly constructed by German Henkel group in Kaifeng when the world's top 50 is exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, was signed by Du Fusheng, senior vice president of Henkel group in Asia Pacific region, and Xiao Wenxing, executive deputy director of the Management Committee of Kaifeng urban rural integration demonstration zone, with a total investment of 1.4 billion yuan

new energy vehicle project, a high-performance power battery production project invested by century Jinsha River Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. in Anyang City, was signed by Su Jianghua, chairman of Beijing Century Jinsha River company, and Wang Xinwei, mayor of Anyang City, with a total investment of 20billion yuan

now it provides different color mining and material development schemes for service industry projects. The multi heat source and multi energy complementary central heating project jointly constructed by the world's top 500 French power in Lingbao City, Sanmenxia is signed by Roland, general manager of the energy business department of France power China, and He Jun, mayor of Lingbao City, with a total investment of 410million yuan

modern agriculture project. Shandong Luhua Group invested in Zhengyang County of Zhumadian with an annual output of 100000 tons of pressed peanut oil. Du zubo, vice president of Shandong Luhua group, signed a contract with liuyanli, Secretary of Zhengyang County Party committee, with a total investment of 2billion yuan

cultural tourism project, the Zhengzhou Shangdu historical and cultural zone project invested by Jiangsu Yide group in Guancheng District of Zhengzhou, was signed by Chen Jun, chairman of Jiangsu Yide group, and Chang Huqiang of Guancheng District, with a total investment of 8billion yuan

the logistics project is an agreement signed by he Songhao, deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, Chen Jian, senior vice president of ChuanHua Zhilian, and Wu cuilong, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Group. ChuanHua group will invest 30billion yuan in the next five years to build a highway railway intermodal logistics platform in Henan

439.9 billion capital was opened to Henan, and new industries and new business forms competed for "opportunities in the Central Plains"

in addition to the above-mentioned seven key project investment enterprises signing on the rostrum, 125 projects signed and cooperated offline at the project signing ceremony of this CIFIT. The total investment is 299.3 billion yuan, and the contractual use of funds outside the province is 242 billion yuan

according to the source of funds: 116 projects using funds from outside the province, with a total investment of 268.9 billion yuan; There are 16 projects using overseas funds, with a total investment of 30.4 billion yuan. According to industrial fields, the total investment of advanced manufacturing projects is 172 billion yuan, accounting for 57%; The total investment of high growth service industry projects is 120.7 billion yuan, accounting for 40%; The total investment in modern agricultural projects is 6.6 billion yuan. According to the scale of investment: 94 projects with more than 1billion yuan, with a total investment of 278billion yuan, accounting for 93%

the contracted projects have the following characteristics:

first, the industrial structure is excellent, and there are many new types of projects, reflecting the new achievements of Henan in accelerating high-quality development. The signed projects cover three major industrial fields, and breakthroughs have been made in agricultural industrialization, the upgrading of advanced manufacturing, and the upgrading of modern service industry. Among them, 43 projects in strategic emerging industries such as new materials, robots, aerospace, circular economy and new energy vehicles account for one third of the total number of projects. For example, modern services can produce highly attractive packaging products with this technology, and the industry is upgraded to refinement and quality. There are 34 high growth service industry projects such as cultural tourism, health care and medical treatment, e-commerce logistics, environmental protection and pollution control, accounting for a quarter

second, the advantages of undertaking industrial transfer are more prominent, and the sources of investment are more diverse, reflecting the new pattern of building comprehensive regional cooperation in Henan. Relying on its unique location, market, resources and other advantages, Henan has attracted investors from all over the world, including not only investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but also investment enterprises from Germany, France, Canada and other countries. Among the capital projects outside the province, the total investment of Beijing and eastern coastal provinces such as Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong accounted for 68%. At the same time, more and more central and western enterprises also regard the Central Plains market as a hot spot for investment

third, the project has a large investment scale and many well-known enterprises, which reflects the new opportunity for Henan to build an inland open highland. The average investment scale of individual projects exceeds 2billion yuan, including 13 projects with more than 5billion yuan, with a total investment of 145.5 billion yuan, accounting for about 49%. Both new investment and Reinvestment by enterprises reflect the continuous optimization of Henan's business environment and the enthusiasm of foreign enterprises for investment

fourth, strategic opportunities are superimposed, and the agglomeration effect is prominent, which reflects the new trend of accelerating the development of Henan Province in the implementation of the national strategy. Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Henan pilot free trade zone and zhengluoxin national independent innovation demonstration zone are becoming more and more attractive to foreign-invested enterprises. The total investment of the contracted projects in the "three zones" is 167billion yuan, accounting for 56%. These projects are large-scale and of good quality, reflecting the superposition effect of national strategies, and have become a booster to promote the rapid and good development of Henan

it is also understood that the whole CIFIT must be repaired in time at this time. During this period, a total of 321 signed projects have a total investment of 439.9 billion yuan

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