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The investment in key projects in Jiangxi Province in 2014 exceeded 100billion yuan

the investment in key projects in Jiangxi Province in 2014 exceeded 100billion yuan

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yesterday, the author learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission that according to preliminary estimates, the GDP of Jiangxi Province in 2014 increased by 9.5% and the total fiscal revenue increased by 13%; The investment of provincial key projects exceeded 100billion yuan, and the Hangzhou Changsha section of Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway was completed; New achievements have been made in the reform of investment system and price system

the completed investment of key projects exceeded 100billion yuan

Jiangxi Province adhered to the system of major project scheduling meeting, coordinated and solved 130 problems in the promotion of major projects throughout the year, and the completed investment of provincial key projects exceeded 100billion yuan, exceeding the annual plan. The inspection of major projects was strengthened. A total of 6427 projects were inspected throughout the year, involving an investment of about 60billion yuan, and the project investment and construction were more standardized

in 2014, a number of provincial key projects in Jiangxi Province were completed and put into operation. Among them, we achieved a zero breakthrough in the speed of 350km high-speed railway by clamping samples (or products) with clamps. The Hangzhou Changsha section of Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway was opened to traffic, opening up the East-West high-speed railway channel in Jiangxi Province; The mileage of highways has exceeded 4500 kilometers, realizing "county to county expressway"

introduce 97 billion yuan of social capital

in the reform of the investment system, Jiangxi Province has issued the opinions on comprehensively deepening the reform of the investment system and the opinions on encouraging social capital to enter the field of social undertakings, focusing on streamlining administration, delegating power and stimulating the vitality of social capital. In general, infrastructure depends on what local facilities, public services and basic industries we want to use, and a total of 462 demonstration projects have been launched to the society, 97billion yuan of social capital has been introduced. Deepening the reform of railway investment and financing system, the provincial railway industry investment fund has raised 1.69 billion yuan. Launched and promoted the construction of the province's upper parallel approval system

take the lead in liberalizing the price of provincial over-the-counter drugs

in terms of price system reform, issued the "opinions on further deepening the reform of price management"; At the national level, it is more convenient to use and protect. First, the price of provincial controlled over-the-counter drugs has been liberalized, and the environmental protection electricity price policy has been implemented. The pace of the same price of industrial and commercial electricity has been accelerated. The reduction rate of the price difference between industrial and commercial electricity in the province has reached 52%. Pilot projects of direct power supply for large users have been carried out, and the direct trading electricity volume has reached 1.55 billion kwh. In terms of the pilot project of directly administrating counties by the province, six counties (cities) including Gongqing city have been included in the pilot project, and 1488 economic and social management authorities have been granted to the pilot counties. At the same time, the "Jiangxi social credit system construction plan" was issued

123000 affordable housing units have been basically completed

in 2014, Jiangxi Province made new achievements in ensuring and improving people's livelihood. In terms of improving rural production and living conditions, we supported the transformation of 10000 kilometers of rural roads, 213000 dilapidated houses in rural areas, reclamation areas and forest farms, 11000 kilometers of rural electricity, 11700 people relocated to help the poor, and 2.811 million people in rural drinking water safety. In terms of social undertakings, 550000 square meters of primary and secondary school buildings, 600000 square meters of health business rooms and 150000 square meters of public cultural facilities were supported throughout the year. We have promoted the construction of five provincial hospitals and other key livelihood projects. In terms of affordable housing construction, the construction plan and central investment were reasonably arranged. It is expected that 106800 new units will be started and 123000 units will be basically completed throughout the year, exceeding the planned target at the beginning of the year. In addition, the work of assisting Xinjiang has been carried out smoothly, and 16 assistance projects arranged this year have been basically completed and achieved phased results

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