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Investment attraction, let the franchisees burn with passion

investment attraction, let the franchisees burn with passion

August 5, 2009

[China paint information] since the three trees entered the Chinese paint market, due to the right strategy and proper resource allocation, they can open the professional thinking and power of the external brain in the process of enterprise development, effectively strengthen the enterprise's value chain, and enable the enterprise to achieve rapid development, In a relatively short period of time, it won the highest honor in China's famous brand, national quality inspection free products and other industries, and became one of the remarkable brands in the coating industry in recent years. It has successfully rewritten the industry pattern and market layout, and has also become a local force that international brands cannot ignore

it is through the integration and concentration of resources that sankeshu successfully organized an investment attraction activity, thus creating a new situation for the development of the enterprise. During this period, the author and professional operators jointly participated in the investment promotion of sankeshu. Now I briefly sort out the planning and organization of the investment promotion activities of sankeshu at that time, and I believe it has a good enlightening significance for those enterprises facing transformation

before entering the paint market, three trees have occupied a large market share in China's adhesive market. Entering the paint industry with high relevance has obviously become the best path and inevitable choice for enterprises to achieve transformation

the problem is that the paint market at that time was surrounded by enemies. In the primary and secondary markets, international brands have been operating for 20 years, with a stable market position and a high named purchase rate. As a brand-new brand, it is quite difficult to enter the primary and secondary markets. But the market is not without opportunities. In fact, due to the gradual development of the coating market, the market is gradually subdivided into two major mainstream, one is color, the other is environmental protection. At that time, color has been fully interpreted in the market driven by some international brands. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, environmental protection is only a necessary condition for the listing of products, and color is the sufficient condition that affects customers' purchase choices; In the Chinese market, however, environmental protection is far from becoming a necessary condition for a product to appear on the market because of the uneven technical conditions for coating production, the low threshold for market entry, and the immature consumer market. In the Chinese market, although some enterprises have realized that environmental protection is a sufficient condition to affect customers' purchase, they are unable or unable to effectively refine the concept of environmental protection and systematically integrate and disseminate the market. After systematic research and understanding of the market, sankeshu realized the market space and huge business opportunities to operate environmental protection as a separate category

sankeshu health paint was born under this background, and it has faintly stood in the forefront of the industry. Before attracting investment, sankeshu accomplished three major events:

first, it completed the construction of phase I plant with an annual output of 30000 tons of health paint, making sankeshu in the forefront of the industry at that time in terms of production capacity. The garden style factory building and the clean and tidy environment make the air healthy

the second is the design of the overall visual image of the franchise store. The sankeshu franchise store has formed a strong visual impact not only in design, but also in workmanship, which has left a deep impression on customers and dealers. It has been effectively separated from the color stores all over the market at that time, and has become a beautiful scenery in the paint market

third, we have successfully developed three series of products: golden leaf, jade leaf and green leaf, which has formed a good support for the main brand of sankeshu, and vividly and concretely interpreted the "health paint" with our own unique products and exquisite packaging. A dealer said with emotion that the packaging design of sankeshu's products is like a gift, which makes people love it

at this time, although sankeshu has not officially entered the market, its forward-looking business philosophy, excellent marketing model and subversive market operation methods, as well as the good development prospects of a brand revealed therein, are not these exactly what many dealers dream of and are looking for? Sankeshu is ready to become a dark horse in the paint industry

through communication, it has successfully seized the voice of the industry

established the concept of health paint, which can not solve the problem once and for all. How to combine their own advantages to carry out integrated communication, seize the voice of the industry through integrated communication, and then establish the industry position of sankeshu as the leading brand of Chinese health paint through a series of marketing operations, testing the market wisdom of sankeshu as a new brand

as an effective marketing means, investment attraction is an excellent opportunity to seize the voice of the industry while quickly obtaining the distribution network and allowing products to quickly enter the market

in fact, before this, sankeshu also planned and organized some investment activities by itself, but due to the vague strategy and the unsystematic investment work, the investment theme was vulgar. Due to the low intelligence content of investment promotion design, the overall pattern of investment promotion has been artificially reduced, which is seriously asymmetric with sankeshu's industry ambition and brand ideal, resulting in a large gap between the number and quality of franchisees and expectations. We even jokingly said that the enterprises used to recruit some "straw sandals", and this time we must recruit some "leather shoes"

for this reason, we require a high intention in the design of investment promotion theme. After repeated speculation and demonstration, we finally decided to determine the theme of investment promotion as "strong hands together to build a leading brand of Chinese health paint". In addition to being large enough to meet the brand ideal of sankeshu, this theme conveys several clear messages to the target audience: first, sankeshu itself is a powerful and ideal enterprise; Second, the threshold is set for joining. You must have certain strength in the industry or related industries, and you must meet the relevant standards in hardware and capital before joining

after the theme was determined, we further refined the eight advantages of sankeshu. These advantages were put forward in response to the widespread disadvantages in the industry at that time, which were highly targeted. For example, the single brand strategy was proposed and implemented for the first time in the industry, the channel was flattened, and the county and prefecture level markets were directly used as primary franchisees. The establishment of model markets such as Fuzhou gave franchisees a real development prospect

in conjunction with the design of the grand investment promotion plane, the press release and the carefully conceived soft text, sankeshu has launched a new round of strong communication by using the national authoritative media and the local powerful media in the key regional markets to ensure that the advertising information can accurately reach the target audience and occupy their minds. After the release of the investment promotion advertisement, there were more than 300 advertisements per day, and a large number of information about the intended franchisees were collected. After comprehensive evaluation and on-site investigation of business personnel, 100 were invited to participate in the investment promotion conference held in the local four-star hotel

the combination of Qizheng and Qizheng makes the franchisees' passion burn

investment attraction itself is a linked system engineering, which should be organically linked with the enterprise's operation. The hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can detect a variety of raw materials. It must not be regarded as an isolated tactical action

1. The basic work of attracting investment is solid

we must be "positive" in investment planning and do a good job in basic work. If you blindly seek novelty and ignore the most basic work, it will inevitably be reduced to a "gimmick", and the result of fooling franchisees will inevitably be that the whole investment promotion work will end in failure

"devil" exists in details. Taking a comprehensive view of the whole investment promotion process of sankeshu, from the establishment of the investment promotion organization coordinated by multiple departments, the constituent elements of the franchisee evaluation form, the skills of investment promotion answering, the agenda and procedures of the investment promotion conference, as well as every paragraph and text in every speech of the conference, it can be said that it is the most important reason that restricts the wide use of lithium titanate batteries. After repeated deliberation, almost every link shows a kind of professional strength

2. Sufficient demonstration was made before investment invitation

as early as before the start of the investment promotion work, we carried out full and systematic marketing research on the paint market, tracked and studied the consumption behavior and purchase habits of the paint, and conducted understanding and analytical marketing research on the successful international paint brands, which provided a strong guarantee for us to effectively serve customers and prevent strategic deviation in the service process. After the investment promotion work was launched, we also conducted a combined survey of the daily work and rest habits and information access channels of sankeshu rubber dealers and the original paint dealers, and collected hundreds of valuable information to make our media mix more accurate and efficient

3. the media selection is accurate and the communication is fully in place

selecting key areas and carefully selecting local strong media for key investment, so that brand information and investment promotion information can be fully transmitted to the target audience, which is an important part of the whole investment promotion work. Enterprises must invest decisively under the guidance of the established investment promotion strategy. If the communication is not in place, it is like the relationship between "ninety-nine degrees" and "one degree". Otherwise, the "pot" of investment promotion will not boil

4. the mode of investment attraction is new, with many selling points and strong attraction

it not only follows the basic law of investment promotion, but also breaks through some old frames, old ideas and old models in traditional investment promotion, making this investment promotion activity new, with many selling points and strong attraction, so it is so different

in view of the existence of many children and many blessings in the coating industry, the complex channel structure and the existence of oil foremen and profiteers, until they found a formula image that can establish a sufficiently expanded joint and fold the printed matter in half, they dared to break down and innovate, boldly put forward their own solutions, dared to be first, and set an example for the industry. At the same time, in view of the franchisees' busy work and neglect of learning habits, the first business school in the industry was established, and Mr. Kong fanren, who is well-known in the consulting industry, was specially invited to teach franchisees; During the investment promotion conference, the enterprise also launched the foundation laying ceremony of the health paint park with an annual output of 100000 tons. All these aroused the great enthusiasm of the participants to join

5. dare to put forward clear requirements for franchisees

in the past, enterprises were "hungry and greedy" in the choice of franchisees when inviting investment. Moreover, in the process of game between enterprises and franchisees, enterprises were in a passive position, led by franchisees, and enterprises could not hold the bottom line in the process of negotiation with franchisees. Practice has proved that such an approach will bring endless trouble to the later market cultivation and development

in addition to requiring franchisees to take sankeshu as the leading industry and fully promote sankeshu's products, they also require the other party to have a strong desire for development, establish a professional sales service team, and have the management water of corporate operation. The coatings adopted in these places are generally used outside the room equally. These soft and hard constraints on franchisees greatly ensure the quality of franchisees, It has laid a solid network foundation for the take-off of sankeshu after the investment promotion work

6. A successful cooperation between the customer and the external brain

this is a successful cooperation between the enterprise and the external brain, and the enterprise gives the external brain full trust. At the same time, external brain machine

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