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Investment diversification promotes the take-off of "made in Hunan"

Guide: engineering machinery, green air conditioning, off-road vehicles, electric locomotives, color displays, high-power motors, famous cigarettes and wines, non-ferrous metals, high-performance transformers, ramie clothing, high-end books and periodicals. Today, made in Hunan, it is brilliant. Diversified capital has entered, making the manufacturing industry in our province sweep away the past

engineering machinery, green air conditioners, off-road vehicles, electric locomotives, color displays, high-power motors, famous cigarettes and wines, non-ferrous metals, high-performance transformers, ramie clothing, high-end books and periodicals... Today, "made in Hunan" is brilliant. Diversified capital has entered one after another, making the manufacturing industry of our province clear of the previous downturn and depression. A number of advantageous enterprises and famous brand products have emerged. At present, the output of 14 kinds of products ranks among the top 10 in the country. The manufacturing industry has created 80% of the industrial output value of the province and become the "locomotive" driving the economic development of the province

the stress and strain corresponding to our province are called yield point stress and yield point strain respectively. Before, the manufacturing industry was basically dominated by state-owned capital. Insufficient investment and inactive mechanism made the manufacturing industry in the province stagnate for a time. In recent years, diversified capital has appeared on the stage one after another, and the stage of "made in Hunan" has gradually become lively. Among them, foreign capital plays an important role in activating the manufacturing industry in our province. In recent years, the proportion of foreign investment in Hunan's manufacturing industry has increased day by day, and the scale of projects has been expanding. World famous multinational companies such as Dutch Shell, Korean LG, Japanese Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Suzuki, German Siemens, Sweden Electrolux, Canada Pratt Whitney, the United States Coca Cola, Schlumberger and so on have invested in Hunan Province. In recent three years, foreign investment has accounted for 8% of the province's fixed asset investment in the same period, most of which has been invested in manufacturing, Its exports have accounted for 15% of the province. Although private capital and capital outside the province belong to the younger generation in the manufacturing industry of our province, the aggressive momentum shows a strong competitive edge. Sany Heavy Industry, Yuanda air conditioner, Liyuan new material, BAIC Foton... Their competitive strength makes their counterparts in the country dare not underestimate. Valin Iron and steel, Hunan computer, Xiangtan Electric, Zhuzhou hard alloy, Yixintai and other state-owned enterprises with established brands in the manufacturing industry have also glowed with vitality through listing and financing or cross shareholding of state-owned capital. In recent years, 241 local state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises in the province have 86% diversified property rights, and the joint-stock system has become the main form of property rights. Through debt to equity swap, these enterprises increased their capital by more than 40 billion yuan, and the asset liability ratio of the platform fell by an average of 20 percentage points due to the high-rise buildings, the absorption of social legal person shares and public shares, the participation of employees, the introduction of foreign capital and other channels

the entry of diversified capital has spawned vibrant emerging industrial clusters in our province. Changfeng cheetah automobile has become the "leader" of the national light off-road vehicle by introducing the technology and capital of Mitsubishi automobile, and has occupied 43% of the national market share; The booming of Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Shanhe intelligent has made Changsha an important manufacturing base of construction machinery in China. Last year, the sales revenue and profit of construction machinery in our province have jumped to the fifth and first place in the country respectively. Valin steel, South Yamaha, Weisheng electronics, Yuanda Suzuki, Zhenxing aluminum, Wangwang food, Zhengda feed, etc. are also commendable among their counterparts in the country

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