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"Knock out the new toilet and throw it away; dismantle the new lavatory and throw it away; shovel out the new tiles and don't..." the reporter recently found in many places that due to problems such as decoration quality and style preferences, many owners have knocked out the newly installed tiles, toilets and lavatory basins of developers after buying simple decoration houses and hardbound houses, and the phenomenon of "smashing new ones for new ones" is common. According to the data of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the waste caused by the "secondary decoration" is amazing. Only the "knock knock knock" part, the annual loss is more than 30billion yuan, which is equivalent to "knocking out" 60000 hope primary schools

the above two data are the most intuitive and sensible of the huge waste caused by the "secondary decoration" of new houses, so I don't need to say more. At present, what needs to be discussed most is why the owners who get new houses almost invariably follow the same routine - smashing, throwing, changing, and engaging in "secondary decoration" that wastes money, consumes resources, and pollutes the environment? "One side of a thousand houses" is not in line with the style preferences of the owners. Secondly, the key lies in the decoration quality of the developers, which makes them have to reinstall. For example, the equipped wire load is not enough, the quality of switches and sockets is not up to standard, and the door frame wrapped in solid wood is loose and falls off...

and the developers' handling is also related to the compulsory acceptance standards for new houses - the compulsory acceptance standards for new houses in all regions are basically for doors and windows, wallcoverings Make decoration requirements for switch sockets and lamps, kitchen and bathroom tiles and kitchen and bathroom appliances. In order to save costs and pass the acceptance, the developers chose inferior decoration materials and lamps and appliances with quality problems, which made it difficult for the owners to rest assured and forced them to "redecorate". From this point of view, the huge waste brought by the "secondary decoration" of new houses should also be reflected by relevant departments: is there a formalization of the mandatory provisions for house delivery

in order to curb the waste of "smashing" 30billion yuan every year, the compulsory acceptance standards for new houses should be revised as necessary. What needs to be installed and what doesn't need to be installed should be appropriately made some flexible provisions, which should be agreed between the buyer and the developer when buying a house and be clearly defined in the contract. Of course, the cost saved by not decorating or installing some facilities should be deducted from the total price of commercial housing according to the facts, which can not only reduce waste, but also reduce house prices. It can also guide developers to customize for owners, that is, when the house is pre sold, they can ask buyers for reasonable decoration opinions

of course, in order to effectively curb the waste of "secondary decoration", property buyers should also change their ideas and advocate the moderation and economization of family decoration, which is also an important part of realizing an economical society





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