With these decoration on the eve of the new year,

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Dear fans, how did you spend your new year's Eve? Anyway, I waited in line for dinner for 5 hours. I know that you must have encountered such a situation. Whenever you go out on holidays, you just queue up. As your close friend Xiaobian, of course, I can't let you suffer from this. Today, I brought several restaurant cases. You can call three or five friends to cook together during your break. If you add a few bottles of red wine, you can simply have a party at home! The versatile and durable log color brings the ultimate visual experience. The neat lattice wine cabinet is equipped with a wide range of red wine. I believe that daily life is not only convenient, but also a trace of French romance

the open wine cabinet design integrates storage and display, and matches with the fashionable glass cabinet door. Who says that the Chinese style can't be modern

the combination of Warm Beige and intellectual Snow White is like a fresh wind blowing from distant northern Europe, removing all your precautions; The design of the card seat restaurant is fashionable and modern, with a home atmosphere and a five-star restaurant atmosphere

the main color of white seems to be slightly light. With the bright green card seat dining chair, it looks like the natural beauty of Baiyun + grassland, and the overall vitality is fresh. The dark brown floor and the light colored wine cabinet made dazzling sparks, and the moonlight was refracted through the French window, and the space was suffused with charming atmosphere

the round table design provides more convenience for family dinners. With brightly colored dining chairs, you can feel the vitality and fashion of the host even in the dark space. The wine cabinet at the corner makes the best use of the space. The elegant combination of off white and steady low-key Brown points directly to the essence of life





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