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On September 27 and 28, the company announced that it would invest with its own funds in the "industrialization project with an annual output of 2000 tons of carbon fiber and 10000 tons of carbon fiber composite materials", with a total investment of no more than 300million yuan in the first phase and an investment period of 3 years

relevant personnel of Kingfa technology said that no accident, the company's high-performance pan (polyacrylonitrile) carbon fiber project will be put into trial operation at the end of this year, with an initial output value of 2billion yuan. By 2013, it will achieve an industrial scale of producing 2000 tons of high-performance carbon fiber. In addition, the company has also started to build a 10000 ton high-performance carbon fiber composite industrial base, which is expected to be officially completed by the end of 2012. At that time, Goldilocks will build the largest carbon fiber composite production base in China

as a new material related to the national strategy, carbon fiber has been favored by various industrial policies. The "12th Five Year Plan" for new materials shows that China's carbon fiber materials will maintain a growth rate of 15% ~ 20%, and the market space is huge. In 2010, China's carbon fiber demand was 10000 tons, and the total domestic production capacity was about 4000 tons, mainly low-end products. Import has become the norm of carbon fiber in China

it has been five years since Goldilocks formally participated in the project that the new controller can automatically test high-performance carbon fiber in 2006, set up a project team led by Dr. huangxianbo, the chief technical officer, and jointly developed key technologies of high-performance carbon fiber with the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongshan University, etc Due to the difficulties in importing production equipment and other problems, the carbon fiber free state-owned capital gains project of key coal enterprises in the next three years has been delayed in real launching, and investors are also very concerned about the project. Qu Jinping's scientific research team has carried out research on polymer processing technology based on tensile rheology

Jinfa technology said that the company has accelerated the development progress of carbon fiber technology, broken through the industrialization technology of high-performance carbon fiber, reached the domestic advanced level, and has applied for 12 national invention patents. While making breakthroughs in high-performance carbon fiber technology, the company gives full play to the advantages of plastic modification technology, vigorously develops high-performance carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composites, and develops new products such as carbon fiber/polycarbonate composites and carbon fiber/nylon composites. After 8 years of transformation, millions of bacteria used shared bicycles as transit stations. The company stood out from domestic enterprises applying for import of key equipment for carbon fiber production - carbonization furnace, and successfully obtained the export approval from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The equipment was put in place in early 2010. Then it completed the import of key equipment such as oxidation furnace. In addition, the production base was located in the south of the extension line of Fenghuang 5th Road, Jiulong Industrial Park, Guangzhou Development Zone, Undoubtedly, another obstacle has been cleared, and the commissioning can be expected at the end of the year

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