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Zhongshan No.1 furniture factory directly discharged paint exhaust without any treatment. Zhongshan No.1 furniture factory directly discharged paint exhaust without any treatment. November 6, 2015

[China paint information] on November 5, Zhongshan environmental supervision branch, together with the four environmental protection branches in Dayong Town, East District, Shenwan town and Shaxi Town, conducted a joint surprise inspection on garment washing, bleaching and dyeing, furniture manufacturing and other industries in Dayong town, It is important to check whether the air pollution control facilities of the enterprises are properly recorded and operated, and whether the pollution control is in place. If environmental violations are found, the establishment of this center immediately marks the first time that the Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology of Germany has landed in China, and it will be strictly investigated and punished. As of 5:30 p.m. yesterday, a total of 12 have been investigated and 2 have been filed for investigation

on-site direct attack

furniture factory spray paint exhaust gas is directly discharged to the outside

followed one of the inspection teams to inspect three enterprises. One of the enterprises has advanced waste gas treatment facilities, and all kinds of certificates are complete and standardized; In a remote place, people could be seen through the factory building, but the gate of the factory had not been opened for more than ten minutes after the law enforcement officers stayed; The third factory is Muyun mahogany furniture factory in Dayong Town, which is located in dieshiqi North Village, Dayong town. It is a small furniture factory, with the cutting area and paint area in a small area

before entering the factory, you can smell the smell of furniture. When we entered the factory, dust came to our faces. Nearly ten workers were working in different processes, all wearing thin masks. In the cutting area, workers close the wood to the cutting machine, and the dust is everywhere. In the paint area, the smell is pungent. In the closed paint booth, a worker is working, wearing a thick "gas mask". Law enforcement officers found that the exhaust gas generated by painting was discharged through three chimneys

according to regulations, the dust and waste gas generated in the production process of the factory need to be treated and discharged through environmental protection treatment facilities. However, the factory does not have any treatment facilities, so it directly discharges the waste gas and dust to the external environment. Maijingjun, deputy director of the environmental supervision branch of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, revealed that he had been ordered to stop production on the spot and would file a case for investigation. The factory was also facing an administrative penalty of less than 100000 yuan

Mr. Deng, the person in charge of the factory, revealed that since the factory opened in 2013, he has not purchased any waste gas and dust treatment facilities. Because of the problem of capital and because he thinks that many furniture factories around are the same as him, he has been taking it lightly. After the case was filed this time, he said that if the environmental protection facilities to be purchased were acceptable in terms of capital, in order to continue the production of the factory, he would purchase the relevant facilities according to the relevant requirements and then put them into operation

relevant data

the city has completed the transformation of 1182 highly polluting boilers

in September, and in combination with the recent impact of winter weather, the city's air environment quality has declined to a certain extent. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, due to the concentration of a large number of clothing processing, furniture manufacturing and other industries in Dayong Town, the air quality in this area has been affected to a certain extent. The failure and renovation of no devices are also the key areas for the prevention and control of air pollution in our city. In recent years, the city has assigned the only wordld Environmental Protection Bureau to continuously strengthen the waste gas treatment of the town. In 2012, 179 boilers in Dayong town were included in the list of boiler pollution reduction projects in the city during the 12th Five Year Plan. At present, 56 of the 179 boilers have been eliminated from service, 123 have been rectified, and 100% of the tasks have been completed. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of air environmental quality in Dayong Town, strengthen the daily law enforcement and inspection, severely punish illegal sewage discharge enterprises, apply the mandatory measures of the new environmental protection law on daily punishment, seizure and detention, administrative detention, etc. to the environmental illegal acts such as illegal discharge and direct discharge, and transfer those suspected of environmental crimes to the public security organ for criminal investigation

according to statistics, 1182 highly polluting boilers have been reconstructed (including demolished) since the boiler pollution reduction work was carried out in 2012, of which 75 have been renovated this year. The special incentive fund of more than 45million yuan for boiler pollution reduction was reviewed and issued

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