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Local paper prices are temporarily stable. It is expected that gold will pick up around October. Release date: Source: Chinese paper views: 1570 copyright and disclaimer. Core tips: what do you value most now that [China Packaging News] is mixed? In September, one third of the time has passed. During the period of price rise and decline, without the stimulation of roller coaster price adjustment, the bosses' enthusiasm for shipping is still high. As far as I can see, the most important things to consider are deduction, freight and payment collection speed

in addition to the demand for more and more layers, another important thing is, "abide by the rules of the paper mill, my friend!"

here! Look

it may be possible to deceive the world for a while by playing tricks, but "paper can't stop fire". Recently, it is the packaging of these 9 types of food contact materials and products, including enamel products, ceramic products, glass products, plastic resin for food contact, plastic materials and products for food contact, paper and paperboard materials and products for food contact, metal materials and products for food contact, paint and coating for food contact When the methods of rubber materials and products used for food contact and weighing into the factory are the most strict, the "crime against the wind" is really a wrong move

said: No, no, no

stable wood pulp market

the price of waste paper in the second half of September was greatly affected by the holidays

according to the price monitoring, the spot market of wood pulp in the early September returned to a stable state, and the downstream was just in need of purchasing. Now the port inventory is sufficient, so the slight allocation of pulp price is actually not of great use to him and is in a soft state. In the future, the market demand has not been in full volume, and it is expected that the pulp price may run in a light and stable trend in the short term

in terms of waste paper, the price may rise significantly from the second half of September to the end of the October holiday. Since the two holidays of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day this year are not combined, and the holidays are long, the possibility of driving up the cost of raw materials is relatively large in order to stimulate the upstream packaging station after the start of the paper mill. Remind to pay attention to the rise of paper prices before and after the holidays. It is expected that the paper price will be stable after the double festival

however, if it is not possible to remove the short strips of three samples, take two. This also reminds us that every month in the third quarter is very sensitive. Any high-profile increase in paper prices may lead to strong pressure from relevant government departments. Therefore, even if the price rises after the festival, the paper mill is likely to maintain a moderate upward trend

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