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"The pain of the chip" is still unsolved, the hidden worry of the high-end equipment lubrication supply chain is still unsolved, and the hidden worry of the high-end equipment lubrication supply chain is still unsolved.

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recently, the hottest topic in the manufacturing supply chain field is the "Huawei incident". Since Huawei was included in the "entity list", many international giants have interrupted business contacts with Huawei. Although the United States said on June 29 that it might consider allowing American companies to continue to sell products to China, in the long run, as a local IT company in China that most emphasizes independent innovation, Huawei's "alarm" has not been lifted

in the face of the changing international situation, none of the supply chains made in China is an outsider. China's lubricant industry is no exception, and high-end lubricants are products under great pressure in the competition. As an invisible force behind "made in China", what impact has the recent international situation had on China's lubricant supply chain? How can we build the core competitiveness of China's lubricant supply chain and compete with international brands with high-quality "domestic products" in the period of important strategic opportunities for development

the lubricant supply chain "reshuffles" and "high-end localization" becomes the best strategy

for Chinese lubricants, only the improvement of quality and efficiency of the supply chain can drive the benign development of the whole industry. According to the 2018 white paper on China's lubricant industry published by China Lubricant information, in 2018, the overall output of China's lubricant industry (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) was 7.1265 million tons, and the sales volume was 6.7411 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 0.58% and 1.03%, but the decline was rapidly expanding compared with that in 17 years

from the current performance of high-end lubricating oil market, the impact of the international situation on China's lubricating oil industry has gradually emerged. According to China lubricating oil information (), since 2019, the raw materials of a domestic listed enterprise have accounted for 93% of the total cost. Since all raw materials of the enterprise were purchased by agreement in 2018, the cost control is still ideal so far; The direct materials of another well-known lubricant brand in China also accounted for 95% of the total cost. According to its insiders, under the direct procurement of the enterprise, the price change of base oil was +6.26% and that of additives was -2.94%. The change of exchange rate caused the parent company to lose nearly 210000 cash flow. He frankly said that any fluctuations in the supply and price of raw materials will have a fundamental impact on enterprises, especially for high-end products, whose raw materials such as base oil and additives mainly depend on imports. "Although the sales volume of lubricating oil of our company this year has not dropped compared with the same period last year, the depreciation of the RMB has greatly increased the import cost, and the import profits of traders have been eaten up by exchange rate fluctuations. The sales growth of enterprises in the industry has also been offset by the increase in raw materials and labor costs."

according to the analysis of insiders, the supply pattern of China's lubricant market has begun a new round of adjustment. As the main raw material base oil of polyurethane lubricating oil in the polymer family, run is facing more severe challenges, which also forces the continuous upgrading of refinery processes and equipment. Many refineries have also begun to focus on the needs of downstream customers and customize high-end special oil for customers. At present, most of the domestic high-end oil still depends on imports, and the cost tends to be higher. Therefore, as the domestic high-end oil requires the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide resin used in the fuel distribution pipe to be able to withstand the increase of the chemical and permeability requirements of ethanol based fuel, the best strategy for the domestic high-end oil to achieve import substitution or counter attack in the future. According to the relevant senior management of Sinopec Great Wall lubricants, at present, China Great Wall lubricants has been able to achieve "self-sufficiency" in terms of lubricating oil raw materials, catch up with the international first-line in terms of quality, lower cost and more grounded service. "However, the OEM certification standards for some lubricants indicate that foreign raw materials are required, and we will strive for more say in the future."

only high-quality products and services can win more say for "made in China", and only unremitting independent technological innovation can win more initiative. As the leader of Chinese brands, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil has always adhered to the positioning of "high quality, high technology and internationalization", with the original intention and mission of "serving national development and building a world-class" to deliver cutting-edge technology for heavy equipment in large countries. Although behind the scenes, it is an important force supporting China's manufacturing industry to break bottlenecks and set new records. It has not only won long-term stable cooperation with famous enterprises such as XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, and even foreign-funded enterprises such as Siemens and Mercedes Benz, but also shouldered the important task of leading the quality innovation of Chinese lubricant brands and competing with international giants, It shows the precision and international spirit of the test results of China's high-end lubricating oil's national Jinan assaying digital impact tester

many other national brands have also found their own market positioning in the exploration. In the whole lubricant industry chain, Chinese lubricant brands have achieved full coverage of independent support ability, and have the strength and confidence to realize localization of import substitution

independent innovation enriches the "family background", and invisible forces help make in China "break the arm and counter attack"

industry experts point out that, similar to the independent research and development of Chinese chips, China's lubricant market is sufficient to cultivate its own core technologies. Customers have noticed that due to the long-term gap between China's high-end lubricating oil technology and the international advanced level, imported high-end equipment and parts from Europe, America, Japan and other countries often suggest or designate foreign well-known brand products in the user manual. Many large OEM manufacturers tend to choose foreign big brand suppliers. Even under the same quality and price, out of distrust of domestic brands, they always pass the local products first. The independent brand of lubricating oil has always shown itself with the features of weak technical reserve, insufficient product quality and low quality and low price, which leads to a vicious circle of "the more you don't use it, the more immature it is, the more you don't use it"

in the face of "domestic troubles and foreign aggression", how can we build the core competitiveness of China's lubricant supply chain and meet the lubrication needs of "big country and heavy equipment" with high-quality "golden blood"

nowadays, supply chain has become a synonym for efficient allocation and rational use of resources, and it is also a key link to determine the competitiveness of enterprises. In order to solve the problems of irrational industrial structure, repeated allocation of industrial resources, product homogeneity, overstocking of raw materials and products, the "distortion" of production, supply and marketing relations, and high production and circulation costs, some progressiveness Chinese lubricant enterprises have begun to make layout and plans in this regard. In fact, as an invisible force behind the heavy equipment of a big country, China's lubricant echelon, which takes great wall lubricant as a benchmark, gives full play to its system advantages and maintains stable supply. It not only acts as an invisible wing in the fields of Aerospace Science and industry, heavy equipment of a big country and industrial production, but also incarnates the adhesive of China's industrial system by virtue of the optimization and upgrading of its perfect independent product line and supply mode, driving the cross-border integration of industries from China to the world, Cultivate a new lubricant industry chain ecosystem

"in a more tense and volatile international situation, Chinese lubricant enterprises should calm down, actively adjust their product lines, focus on independent technological innovation, and build a solid and stable supply chain." Analysts of China's lubricant information industry pointed out that "China's lubricant industry must shift from the development track of scale and speed to the development track of quality and efficiency." We look forward to taking Great Wall lubricating oil as the guide, and more Chinese lubricating oil enterprises will support the strategic deterrent force of major countries with excellent oil products and high-quality services, so that the "made in China" supply chain can "break its arms and counter attack"

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