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The "paint power generation" project of American power plant won the Environmental Protection Award

the "paint power generation" project of American power plant won the Environmental Protection Award

July 26, 2007

operating the special drainage and exhaust device

[China paint information] St. Louis, the United States reported that the "paint power generation" project of amerenue Meramec power plant of American power company won the Environmental Protection Award issued by the American environmental protection Regulatory Commission (naem) in front of the automobile structure. The project mainly uses the solid paint of the St. Louis assembly plant of Chrysler to burn together with the fuel coal of the power plant. While ensuring thermal power generation, the solid paint is used to reduce the emission of harmful metal mercury in coal combustion, so as to realize the design of environmental protection power generation

"in the near future, using the solid paint produced from the local Chrysler automobile assembly plant, Chrysler will also cooperate with amerenue to realize the" paint power generation "plan in two power plants in Michigan. It is expected that Chrysler's solid paint can fully meet the needs of local power plants, and its power generation capacity can fully meet the environmental protection production of electricity for local public facilities. " Bill wolf, general manager of Chrysler Group paint project, said

at present, the St. Louis branch of the University of Washington is cooperating with the paint department of Chrysler. The two sides are testing the use of titanium dioxide in the paint to reduce and suppress the combustion emissions of mercury metal. At present, the project has entered the pilot stage and is being tried out in the 855 MW generator set of amerenue Meramec power plant

Dr. pratim Biswas, Professor stifel and Professor quinette Jens from the school of environmental protection, energy and chemical engineering of the University of Washington participated in the research and development of the "paint power generation" project. Dr. Biswas was the director of the scientific research project

amerenu made the length of the leak revealed. E power company has been paying close attention to the scientific research progress of the University of Washington and Chrysler "paint power generation". Because amerenue is the first power generation enterprise to reduce the emission of harmful metal mercury according to the relevant regulations of the U.S. federal government

coal power generation will cause metal mercury in coal to be discharged into the atmosphere, resulting in air pollution. At the same time, coal ash will be released while burning, but 90% of which belongs to the light plastic bag with a thickness of less than 0.05mm. Coal ash can be recycled through special recycling devices and processes, and has been applied in the construction industry and other fields. At present, amerenue's coal ash has been applied in many industries such as explosives and building concrete

so far, the U.S. power industry has been actively implementing the commercialization of power generation by-products and environmental protection of production through the application of chemical technology. Especially in the emission of mercury, power plants are looking for suitable chemical adsorbent products. At present, the most used adsorbent is activated carbon products. The disadvantage is that the amount of activated carbon used is large, and the replacement process after the adsorption of activated carbon reaches saturation is complex. It will adsorb fly ash and affect its application

in the research of Washington University and Chrysler, titanium dioxide shows a higher adsorption ratio than activated carbon, and will not affect the recovery quality of fly ash

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