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The paper industry on the island is expected to recover after the third quarter.

affected by the global recession, the paper industry was "very cold" in the first half of this year. However, due to the reduction of international pulp inventory and the reduction of equipment utilization in the industry, the chilly air has reached the bottom, and it is expected to warm up after the third quarter

Tsai Tung Ho, chairman of Taiwan paper parts manufacturing industry association and general manager of Zhenglong paper industry, pointed out that in the first half of last year, the paper market on the island grew synchronously with the international economic boom and the gradual rise of raw material prices; However, since the second half of this year, the price and volume have been reduced, and the domestic and economic situation on the island is disturbed, which has affected the market demand, and has continued until the first half of this year

according to caidonghe, as the sales volume of industrial paper decreases, the supply production also decreases, and the utilization rate of production equipment of many companies decreases. However, according to the analysis of the global paper industry, the situation has improved since the second half of the year, and the results should be seen in the fourth quarter

according to the statistics of the papermaking association, the output of pulp in the island last year was more than 380000 tons, with an increase rate of 4.6%, but the total sales volume was more than 340000 tons, showing a decrease of 12%. For paper products, the electronic universal testing machine of the paperboard series adopts the fully digital gt-m200 series computer measurement and control system. The output of paperboard is 4.49 million tons, with an increase rate of 3.3%, and the sales volume is more than 4.44 million tons. Because the first half of the year has a growth rate of 1.3% compared with the previous year

from January to April this year, Bayer's EBITDA still showed a slight increase. The production and sales of cultural paper and industrial paper on the island declined compared with the same period last year; After the end of the year, the inventory of Huaping paper and Taiping paper in large pulp mills gradually decreased, and the situation of foreign procurement and inquiry greatly increased, which has an incentive effect on driving the paper price out of the downturn for a long time

according to the survey of the papermaking association, the output from January to April this year was 208000 tons, a decline of 14.1% over the same period last year. The inventory in April was more than 81000 tons, an increase of 29.6% over last year

in terms of industrial paper, the production in April was more than 186000 tons, a decrease of 12.5% over the same period last year, and the inventory was 100900 tons, an increase of more than twice over the same period last year

the papermaking association pointed out that the price of paper has been depressed for a long time due to the invasion of a large number of imported paper. In particular, the large-scale paper mill built in the mainland by Indonesia kinguang group through the Asian paper company (APP) has been sold to other Asian countries at low prices due to oversupply. The Taiwan market has also been greatly affected; Recently, this situation has gradually improved due to the financial difficulties of app, which caused the working platform to tilt backward (no more than 2 climbing heights of 6cm at a time)

norscan, the five largest pulp producing countries in North America and Northern Europe, had an inventory of 1.843 million tons at the end of May, a decrease of 84000 tons compared with April, indicating that the production reduction of international pulp mills was effective and helped drive the recovery of depressed pulp prices. Huazhi pointed out that the recent purchase and inquiry quantity have a jump trend, which is conducive to stimulating the recovery of pulp price and has a positive effect on reflecting the cost of paper price in the long run

the output of fruits in the island is not as expected, and the concept of "saving as you can" among producers, including the reduction of corrugated box paper consumption, has led to a decrease in industrial paper consumption

the pulp and paper prices are low, and the downstream printing industry is also working hard. Shen's printing found that the market was depressed, the number of printed products in various commercial activities decreased, and the demand for DM and catalogue decreased greatly due to the influence of buying gas, such as mass merchandising and mail order channels, which affected the number of upstream purchases

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