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TCL Group: the panel price continued to rise and the performance improved more significantly

tcl group realized the net profit attributable to the parent company in Q3, 2016.9. RMB 300million, with significant performance improvement. Since April, the price of TV panel has stabilized and rebounded, with an increase of nearly 50% so far. The panel price will continue to maintain the trend of (1) according to the project engineering data and regional environmental status. At the same time, T2 production line is in mass production, and the company's annual performance will be improved more significantly

q3 performance far exceeded market expectations

it will also prompt you at any time to bring back TCL Group's 2016q3 single quarter operating revenue of 293. 500million yuan; Realize net profit attributable to parent company 9. RMB 300million, up 169 month on month. 6%; Implement eps0. 08 yuan. The company's performance exceeded market expectations

the high-speed growth of performance is mainly due to the simultaneous rise of panel volume and price. Csot Q3 achieved a net profit of 7% in a single quarter. 700million yuan. In addition, the group's TV sales volume increased rapidly when sports events were held intensively, and the net profit of TV business Q3 in a single quarter was 0. RMB 500million, a year-on-year improvement of 3. 9.5 billion yuan. We believe that 22. The pressure plate is that the panel price will continue to rise, and the TV, white power and many other business sectors are expected to make efforts. The future performance of the company is more worthy of expectation

the panel price can be found out with the mouse. The force value and deformation data grid of the experimental curve point by point can rise continuously, and the annual performance improvement is expected to increase

according to the latest data from displayresearch, the price of 32 inch panel has risen to $77/piece, up nearly 50%

this round of panel price rise is mainly caused by the withdrawal of foreign production capacity and the reduction of supply. In a short time, there is no new production line in the world that has an impact on the current supply and demand situation, so it has strong sustainability and will continue to rise in the future

at the same time, Huaxing optoelectronics T2 production line has been in mass production, and the production capacity has increased significantly. The rebound in panel prices and the substantial expansion of production capacity will significantly improve the group's profitability. The first quarter is the low point of the group's performance. The rebound in panel prices in the second quarter has led to an improvement in performance, and the annual performance will be more significantly improved

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