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Ningxia Qingtongxia "bearing Valley" western industry "new blood"

have you heard? There is a "bearing Valley" in Qingtongxia, Ningxia, which gathers many enterprises. Bearing seems to be the trump base in Northeast China, and modern technology is in Zhejiang. How can it be in the northwest, in Ningxia

"it's not surprising! You don't know that northwest bearing, one of the four largest bearings in China, is located in Yinchuan, and Qingtongxia is the thickest county-level city in the northwest old industrial base". According to the comrades from the Information Office of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of the autonomous region, the national network media in Ningxia went straight to Qingtongxia City, 54 kilometers away from Yinchuan City, regardless of travel fatigue

close to the Yellow River, the land is fertile and the scenery is beautiful. "As the first county-level city in Ningxia to become one of the top 100 counties in the west, our industrial economy has lost its former glory in recent years. Hydropower plants, aluminum plants, cement plants, ferroalloy plants... Economic transformation and upgrading have forced Qingtongxia to look for new growth points." Shi Ruilin, Secretary of the Qingtongxia municipal Party committee, said loudly: in many people's concept, industrial transfer means that the eastern region transfers backward equipment and backward production capacity to the west, and then lives on with low-cost advantages. In fact, it is not. Under the background of the arrival of a new round of technological revolution in the world, enterprises in the east move westward mainly to obtain more space for upgrading and transformation, so as to occupy the commanding heights of the industry

with new ideas, there must be new actions to follow up. "In order to introduce equipment manufacturing enterprises, we are really running around Jiangsu and Zhejiang." Wang Yucheng, director of the Management Committee of Jiabao Light Textile Industrial Park, told, "When we engage in investment promotion, we are all led by leaders to attract projects in various forms, such as enterprise investment promotion and industrial chain investment promotion. With Yinchuan's advantages in northwest bearing technology and talent accumulation, coupled with Qingtongxia Hydropower Resources, land resources and other advantages, it quickly and has excellent flexibility to attract the attention of a number of Jiangsu and Zhejiang enterprises.

in less than two years, there are 74 enterprises in Jiabao Light Textile Industrial Park, including automobile and textile enterprises There are 15 auto parts manufacturing enterprises, covering an area of 2600 mu, with a total investment of 8.1 billion yuan, and the investment has been completed by 1.218 billion yuan. The fields involved include: special bearings for cars, special bearings for trucks, bearing rolling elements, precision bearing parts and quenched parts, automobile universal joints, hub units, engine tensioner wheels, automotive electrical appliances and motor bearings, brake discs, CNC machine tools for bearing manufacturing, industrial robots, three-dimensional parking garages, etc. Of the 15 bearing enterprises, 8 have been put into production. On February 28, 2016, China Bearing Association awarded Qingtongxia the title of "bearing production base in Western China" Many enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have traveled thousands of miles to Qingtongxia. In addition to the advantages of some hard n elements, what else is favored inside the soft

Ningxia Fisk enterprise Hub Bearing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces hub units. As an entrepreneur, general manager Fang Mingjun really explained the reasons for moving the enterprise to Qingtongxia. "Before we moved to Qingtongxia, we actually had discussions with Yinchuan Economic Development Zone, but by contrast, Qingtongxia has more advantages in investment promotion policies and land resources, and the government is also very pragmatic, giving our enterprises very favorable conditions.

there are three main reasons for us to come to Qingtongxia for development. First, in the south, we have no space to develop plastics without considering scalability. While land restricts us, labor The power is also seriously insufficient. The labor force in the East mainly comes from Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei. However, the pace of development has risen everywhere, and many people are unwilling to go out to work, resulting in a serious shortage of industrial workers. Second, after moving to Qingtongxia, our energy costs in the processing process have been greatly reduced. When we were in Xiaoshan, the price of electricity per kilowatt hour was 9 cents. When we came to Qingtongxia, the price of electricity per kilowatt hour was 45 cents. One ton of coal in Xiaoshan was only 600 yuan, which saved us a lot of production costs. Third, the advantages of the industrial chain. Our main raw material is the raw steel produced by Xining Special Steel. After we moved to Qingtongxia, we saved them a lot of transportation costs, so they have preferential prices for the park

in terms of production links, we entrust Ningxia Hongya special steel pipe to process special steel pipes for us. Entrust Ningxia CITIC heat treatment Co., Ltd. to help us do the heat treatment of products from rough processing to finish processing. They are all enterprises in the park. Compared with external enterprises, they have great advantages in transportation costs and prices, and have always cooperated with us. "

"We have brought 40 technical backbones from Xiaoshan, driving 400 local industrial workers. Highly skilled talents will also be introduced from the south. After all, the living environment in Qingtongxia is not easy to retain people. In response to this situation, we signed a cooperation agreement with Qingtongxia vocational college, and there are two named classes to train skilled workers for us. The old machine tools we brought from the old factory can only reach industry 2.0. The newly introduced bearing equipment are Domestic first-class, including CNC machine tools, automatic preemption of a batch of world-leading technology, high-point assembly lines, and precision testing equipment, have achieved informatization

at present, 203million yuan is invested in fixed assets and 315 million yuan is planned. The previous two workshops in Hangzhou are now expanded into four workshops, and three workshops have been put into use. The output in 2016 reached 15million sets, and the annual output value increased from more than 40 million yuan in Hangzhou to more than 80 million yuan at present. After all the four workshops are put into use, the production capacity is expected to reach 50million sets and 150million precision ferrules a year. At present, 60% of the products are exported from Tianjin port and sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and other places. 40% are sold to automobile factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang as supporting facilities. " General manager Fang Mingjun told me

"the bearing Valley in Qingtongxia is equivalent to the input of new blood into the old industrial base. This is not only the success of industrial transformation, but also the success of capacity transfer between the East and the West." Jinyongling, the mayor of Qingtongxia City, couldn't help sighing when he saw the great situation of the bearing industry today

small "bearing Valley", the "new blood" of western industry. It has become history for Qingtongxia to rely on backward production capacity and high energy consuming enterprises as the economic pillar. Eight bearing enterprises in the bearing Valley and Jiabao Industrial Park have been put into operation. By the end of 2016, the output value is expected to reach 1.3 billion. By 2020, after all projects are put into operation, the total industrial output value will reach 9.255 billion

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