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New products: new biodegradable packaging materials

sweet potato, corn, straw, bran as the main material, bitter gourd, camphor leaves, porcelain clay as the auxiliary material, "cooking" produced a "foam board". Recently, Su Xiaohai, the chef of "this dish", showed his masterpiece to

In 1993, after Dr. Su Xiaohai graduated, Germany returned to Wuhan, China. He invested the money he had saved from doing trade into his first environmental protection project -- paper cups and bowls. He didn't stop and continued to invest in the world problem of white pollution. In the past five years, he led the R & D personnel of Hubei green world Technology Co., Ltd. through thousands of experiments, and finally created a set of technology to produce new biodegradable packaging materials from crop waste

this technology first modifies the waste mainly sweet potato and corn starch to make it close to the performance level of ordinary plastics. Starch is used as "cement". They selected straw, loofah vine and other waste plant fibers as "reinforcement" to enhance the compressive and seismic strength. Use camphor leaf extract to prevent insects, bitter gourd, pectin and other extracts to prevent mildew and corrosion

at the product exhibition site, he took the foamed particles to his mouth and said with a smile that if it was plastic, I wouldn't dare to eat it, because here (1) upgrade the experimental software for users for free. The surface is made of natural biodegradable materials. I also ate one of them boldly, which tasted like popcorn

the strength, hardness, weight and other indicators of the new materials created by Su Xiaohai exceed the use indicators of plastic foam products, and the degradation indicators exceed the relevant regulations of the national environmental protection department. It can replace the plastic foam inner packaging of electronic and mechanical products, and can be recycled as feed after being discarded. At present, this technology, which has obtained five national invention patents, has passed the pilot test. It mainly includes bumpers, rearview mirrors, lamps, door handles, air intake grilles, skylights and other materials, mixing, additives, mold foaming and molding, forming a fully automated production line. After large-scale production, the price is half lower than that of other types of packaging materials. Experts who participated in the appraisal believed that this technological achievement met the requirements of industrialized production

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