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Qualcomm has no plan to promote the new brand Xiaolong of IOT, which will be expanded and used.

there is no doubt that IOT is a must for ICT enterprises to face the future. However, the understanding of the name of IOT itself is different from enterprise to enterprise

as the world's largest chip manufacturer, Michelle Lyden Li, senior director of marketing of Qualcomm, said in an exclusive interview with flying elephant recently that Qualcomm is more willing to call it IOT than IOT, that is, the Internet of things

the Internet of things we understand means that there will be a large number of terminals with connection function in the future, but this connection is not only the connection interconnection, but also the terminal itself needs to have a certain amount of intelligent processing capacity. For example, in the application of smart city, put the sensor into the water supply pipeline. Once the pipeline leaks, the sensor can make a decision directly through the terminal, and there is no need to deal with it through the cloud. With the concept of green energy conservation becoming more and more popular

the biggest obstacle to the development of standard IOT

as a senior person who has worked in the field of IOT for more than 20 years, Michelle Lyden Li believes that IOT has been put forward for many years, but the real obstacle to slow development is not technology, but the lack of unified standards

throughout the industry, the continuous emergence of standards related to Qualcomm's allseen, Intel's OIC, Apple's homekit and Google's Brillo operating system has blurred the prospects for the great unification of IOT standards

in this regard, Michelle Lyden Li also admitted that it is unlikely that there will be a protocol specification and standard applicable to all terminals in the whole IOT field in the future. The key is that the standard protocols can achieve interoperability

what ordinary consumers really need is seamless connection between various terminals of different brands and types. Only by following the unified standard protocol or standard interface, different terminals can discover, connect and talk with each other to realize the interconnection of all things

in fiscal year 2015, the revenue of non product chips will account for 10%

just as the standards are difficult to unify, in IOT applications, a single connection scheme is far from enough, which requires the mutual coordination and seamless cooperation of different connection technologies, which is a challenge for any ICT enterprise

as a technology company specializing in chips, Qualcomm's solution is to concentrate products in the field of wireless connection technology and innovations in other fields, and expand to the field of IOT to meet the different needs of different types of products in the future

at last week's GSMA Shanghai exhibition, Qualcomm also showed many technological achievements related to IOT

lte unauthorized spectrum (lte-u), this technology is actually deploying LTE on the unauthorized spectrum. Michelle Lyden Li revealed that Qualcomm's experiments with partners have proved that LTE deployed on the existing Wi Fi spectrum is even more compatible with Wi Fi than Wi Fi

for example, if you want to play a 4K HD video without delay and jamming, you will get a better Wi Fi connection experience if you use lte-u technology

in terms of "L" customers' comments on te, Qualcomm also launched an end-to-end connection technology LTE direct. This technology allows terminals to communicate directly without passing through the base station, and the maximum communication distance can reach 500 meters. It is of high value to find trapped people when the base station is damaged in natural disasters

in addition, Qualcomm has also launched intelligent audio and intelligent lighting development platforms such as allplay, on which terminal enterprises can directly develop intelligent audio and intelligent light bulb products

we predict that in fiscal year 2015 (editor's note: October 2014 September 2015), the revenue of non category products in IOT will account for 10% of the revenue of the entire QCT chip product department. Michelle Lyden Li said

Xiaolong will still be Qualcomm's logo brand in the era of IOT

in the era of IOT, various connection technologies cooperate, and the importance of a single manufacturer will be weakened. How to maintain the attention and reputation of the brand is another important concern besides technology

as the head of Xiaolong's marketing, Michelle Lyden Li said that Qualcomm will continue to use Xiaolong in the era of IOT

we are expanding Xiaolong's product portfolio to the field of IOE. Many wearable devices that have been launched on the market are also equipped with Xiaolong processors. When Xiaolong brand was first launched, Qualcomm's target product was within ± 2% of the set value; When the speed is ≥ 0.05%fs/s, the brand is positioned as a processor that is not limited by the type of terminal, that is, it can be used for any type of terminal, and it represents a brand image of high-performance fully biodegradable packaging waste under composting conditions and low power consumption

in addition, Michelle Lyden Li revealed that Qualcomm is also thinking about how to build brand development in the IOT field from the perspective of marketing

not long ago, we classified the entire modem product under the Xiaolong brand. Including our Wi Fi solution, we will promote Xiaolong brand from the perspective of IOE. In the future, we will continue to pay close attention to how to build a full brand marketing strategy to meet the development of IOE and the needs of customers

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