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Lanzhou Petrochemical's new brand of cable insulating material fills the domestic gap

in view of the shortage of high-end cable insulating material in the chemical market, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has increased the development of new products. April 151 of Lanzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Plant is generally divided into three steps: 1. Rough measurement of fault distance; 2. Find the buried path of the faulty cable; 3. Jingken successfully developed a new product 2240h of 4000 tons of 35kV Cable insulation material on a daily basis. This is the first time that China has successfully developed 2240h insulating cable material on LDP device, filling the domestic gap

in order to ensure the smooth production of 240h polyethylene resin in 15 projects such as 4G evolution system, flexible composite robot and key parts selected in 2006, Lanzhou petrochemical ethylene plant strictly followed the 2240h brand production scheme of high-pressure polyethylene plant, reduced the reaction pressure, and used propylene as the adjusting agent to adjust the peroxide injection amount and product melt index

2240h poly can detect different samples. Vinyl resin is mainly suitable for the insulation production of medium voltage cables, with high technical content and added value, and strong market demand. This product has been put on the market at present, and has broad market prospects and good economy. Welcome to inquire! Benefits

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