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Total new bio vinyl production technology comes out

energy tycoon total set expects the annual export volume to reach 20000 tons. Recently, the group announced that the company has successfully developed a new bio vinyl production technology jointly with IFP energies and Axens' two strategic partners

this production technology called Atol can successfully produce ethylene from bioethanol. Researchers said that the biggest highlight of this technology is its high-performance catalytic formula, which can be applied to a variety of different bio based raw materials. This greatly reduces the cost expenditure

this new technology can be perfectly combined with the existing downstream polymerization and casualty reduction equipment to produce PE, PS, pet, PVC and ABS plastics without modification. It is reported that total and ifpen are the joint holders of this advanced technology. Axens is mainly responsible for the commercial production of ethylene using this technology

"the successful launch of Atol technology will better meet the growing demand for renewable raw materials in the plastic market. At the same time, it will effectively improve the production speed of the ethylene industry." Christian dupraz, senior vice president of Axens, said that it has the characteristics of greener, greener, lower cost, higher design freedom and fewer process problems

total said that with a successful precedent, the three companies will continue to cooperate in the future to further explore the biological preparation of other olefin monomers

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