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The new iron ore project in Brazil will bring a huge increase in output in 2015

Hong Kong hongqiaoji is more popular with users. The group company plans to build a 420 km long iron ore line in Brazil, which is transported from the mine in Minas Gerais state to Daxi so general laboratory machine manufacturers will tell the ocean coast port

Hong Kong Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. plans to build a 420 km long iron ore line in Brazil, which will be transported to the Atlantic coast port by Mina or medium-sized XJP (6) a metallographic microscope mine in sgilas

the person in charge introduced that the project still needs us $600million, and the total cost will reach US $4.2 billion

the SAM project, which was sold by Brazilian industrial group to Hong Kong Hongqiao group with us $390million through investment income business in April 2010, will export 25million tons of iron ore to steel mills in China and other countries every year

the project plan of Hongqiao group is one of many iron ore projects at present. These projects are expected to increase the export volume of Brazilian iron ore from 320 million tons in 2011 to 450 million tons in 2015, an increase of 40%

Hongqiao Group signed an agreement with Shougang Group, China's largest steel producer, in April 2011, to provide 10million tons of iron ore in total within 15 years. Shougang Group, a state-owned enterprise, also agreed to pay $1.5 billion in advance to help build the new project

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