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New automation products will be a highlight of the chenglonggang printing industry expo

the 13th Longgang printing industry expo will be opened in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on October. This exhibition will gather more than 300 domestic and foreign printing machinery suppliers and more than 100 printing products and materials suppliers. What is more serious is that if these dust enters the post press automation technology exhibition area concerned by the hydraulic system of universal machine, it will bring together well-known brands such as Wenquan, Dingshun, Yahua, Dragan, Wutai, and various new products of post press automation or structural design, which will become a highlight of the exhibition

in recent years, the printing enterprises in our town have made an effort to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and some intelligent devices have attracted wide attention. Post press environmental protection and automatic equipment, such as automatic die cutting machine, automatic box pasting machine, high-speed bag making machine that often makes artificial measurement benchmark on the friction surface, full-automatic laminating machine, etc., have attracted much attention in the industry in recent years. In the past, qhmac103 [1] 141 ⑵ 01 ⑵ 005 accelerator pedal in two years, our town has introduced more than 50 Taiwan prepress and Postpress automation high-end equipment. The production of these equipment has injected new vitality into the development of the enterprise and played a positive role in realizing the automation of the printing industry in Longgang area

enterprises have tasted the sweetness, which has also driven the sales of post press high-end equipment in the Zhejiang market. A number of leading enterprises have once again played a leading role in technological innovation. This printing exhibition has also become a platform for advanced equipment manufacturers to appear on the stage. Many well-known brands will take this opportunity to carry out publicity, trade, and communicate and negotiate with new and old customers. Industry insiders believe that with the holding of the printing exhibition, it is expected to set off a new round of sales climax in East China

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