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Boeing's new composite material plant in China was put into operation in 2013

on the 18th, it was learned from Boeing China that Boeing's new plant in Tianjin, with a capital injection of $21million, will be completed and put into operation in 2013, and will begin to produce parts for the MQ (1) 2 produced by Boeing's Jinan trial fund, which is now the Mrs (1) 0a4 ball friction and wear testing machine department

after the completion of the new factory of Boeing composite materials Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, the floor area will be doubled and the production capacity of composite materials will be increased by 60%. It is expected that when Tianjin Boeing is fully put into production as planned in 2013, the number of employees will increase from the current 700 to more than 1000, and it will produce parts for all Boeing models in production, including 737, 747-8, 767, 777 and 787

the new plant will make full use of the existing world-class composite manufacturing operations and product supply, aiming to provide support to Chinese aviation enterprises as an important part of Boeing's civil aircraft supply chain. Connor, vice president and general manager of supply chain management and operation of Boeing civil aircraft group, said: "the new factory is a model of win-win cooperation between China and Boeing. Chinese partners manufacture high-quality parts for Boeing aircraft, which has led to the increase of Boeing's production capacity and the expansion of its workforce."

Boeing has been cooperating with China's aviation industry for nearly 40 years. It is the largest customer of aircraft parts in China. At present, it purchases aviation hardware and services worth more than US $200million in China every year. It is expected that by 2015, Boeing's procurement in China will at least double, and the requirements for fixtures are also very high. The current effective orders between Boeing and its supplier partners and China's aviation industry are worth $2.5 billion. Boeing's related businesses support about 20000 jobs, including 6000 employees who work directly for Boeing and its subsidiaries and joint ventures

Ma Ellen, President of Boeing China, said, "the expansion of Tianjin Boeing is a good example that proves that Chinese companies are playing an increasingly important role as our manufacturing partners. Through cooperation in the sales, manufacturing, aircraft service and R & D of civil aircraft, we are committed to seeking mutually beneficial ways to promote the development of our long-term relationship with China."

phenolic main antioxidant and phosphite auxiliary antioxidant are usually selected. Boeing provides senior management training and special technical training for Chinese suppliers to ensure high-quality products for its civil aircraft. Boeing also works closely with its Chinese partners to develop a safe, reliable and efficient air transport system. In addition, Boeing and Chinese researchers are working together to promote the industrialization of aviation biofuels and efficient air traffic management

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