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The new technology of rice biological preservation has passed the appraisal

the rice biological preservation technology developed by Hunan Yueyang Jinniu Rice Industry Development Co., Ltd. since June of the 20th and 16th years has passed the expert appraisal a few days ago, which fills a domestic gap

rice is easily hygroscopic and moldy, so China's grain reserves have always been dominated by rice. The storage capacity of rice is large, the storage and transportation costs are high, and the rice needs to be fumigated many times every year to kill insects, which is easy to pollute the grain. "Jinniu rice" technology uses sodium bicarbonate, sodium diacetate and self-made "CF" biological agent as the formula for qualified personnel. Through thousands of experiments, repeated screening and optimization, the biological preservative of rice is made, and the related technical problems are overcome

through experiments, this technology can keep rice for years without insects, mildew, aging, fumigation and mechanical cooling in 2014; Non toxic and pollution-free; It can be processed by the existing polishing machine, and the processing cost per kilogram of rice is less than 1 cent. Compared with storing rice, it can save storage capacity and reduce transportation costs by about 30%

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