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New breakthroughs in aerospace! The most heat-resistant polymer in history was successfully used for 3D printing for the first time in order to provide customers with the best service

recently, researchers successfully used a kind of thermal material widely used in spacecraft and satellites, which has various unpredictable damage states and swing angle limiting functions for 3D printing for the first time, If the pressure strength of the non-standard state test synthesized by researchers at Virginia Tech can reach the safe pressure resistance standard, this polymer material is called Kapton. This will increase the application of 3D printing in space exploration projects, electronics and aerospace industries

researchers spent a year and finally made this polymer material maintain its stability and thermal properties after 3D printing. The success of this project means that people can use Kapton to produce parts with different shapes for use in the thermal insulation of satellites and spacecraft, rather than sticking to the traditional large-scale sheet design

the difficulty of producing parts with Kapton material lies in its complex molecular structure. It is an aromatic polymer composed of carbon and hydrogen. The benzene ring structure makes it have special thermal properties and chemical stability, but it also means that it can hardly be produced with complex structure

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