At the end of the hottest year, funds were tight,

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At the end of the year, funds were tight, and the polyester market was weak. FDY continued to weaken.

the quotation level of major mainstream manufacturers in Xiaoshao polyester market was basically stable. A small number of DTY and FDY unsalable varieties factories still had moderate promotional actions, but the overall sales situation of POY was still good. Shengze Jiaxing polyester market quotation has served the majority of customers smoothly, but the strength of FDY silk market continues to weaken, mainly due to the lack of funds at the end of the year. Both downstream weaving enterprises and traders are a little timid when purchasing

from the perspective of product trend, the transaction in the conventional DTY Market is relatively flat, but according to some network specifications, 4. The operating environment of the equipment is also a point of concern. For example, 50d/72f, 75d/72f, 100d/144f, 150d/144f, 288F, etc. among them, DTY full extinction 75d/72f has sold well in recent days, and the glass transition temperature (TG) is between 35 ~ 40 ℃, which is mainly used to produce full extinction spring Asia textile. There are also dty75d/144f, which are currently relatively dynamic pins, and are mainly used to produce super soft short plush on warp knitted fabrics. The market prices of POY silk 50D, 75D and 100D are about 12600 yuan/t, 12400 yuan/t and 12300 yuan/t respectively. The trading situation of POY silk for texturing is not bad according to Tongxiang. Today, the market quotation of FDY is stable, and the sales of FDY fine and more f silk are slightly better. The trading volume of conventional products fdy50d48f, 68d/48d, 75d/72d, 100d/72f series products on the market is acceptable. During this period, polyester dayuangguang FDY coarse denier filament 300d-600d market is relatively popular, among which, 300D market demand is large, and the current price is about 12800 yuan/t. Market FDY sales are slightly better than semi extinction. Among them, due to the dynamic sales of water jet light spinning and the expansion of the production area of dice, the downstream demand is not reduced. The price of FDY dayuang 50d/24f is 14800 yuan/t, and the sales of dayuang fdy50d/24f (for dice) are relatively better. Overall, the FDY sales volume in the market is low, and the FDY production and sales rate of factories in Shengze and surrounding areas is about%, which is estimated to maintain a low-key consolidation market in the future

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