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Parasoft and SGS join hands with enterprises to lead the safety development of industrial robots

with the rapid development of domestic industrial robots, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers' requirements for "safety and reliability" of products are also constantly improving. On September 6, the second industrial robot theme conference jointly hosted by SGS and parasoft was held in Shenzhen The punch is selected according to the required anti pendulum impact energy of the experiment

in the two-day meeting, the meeting will focus on the discussion of industrial robot standards and promote technical exchanges and project cooperation among enterprises. The conference invited industry giants including Beijing Institute of mechanical industry automation, Baidu, Xinsong robot, Haikang robot, Shanghai kuaichang, JD x division, etc. to attend to jointly solve development problems

(Figure 1: group photos of some delegates participating in the second industrial robot Conference)

the highlight of this conference is undoubtedly the signing ceremony of the cooperation between SGS and parasoft

sgs is an internationally recognized inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, and the benchmark of quality and integrity. SGS has many years of technical accumulation in the field of industrial automation and robotics, and can provide robot certification and AGV product systematic inspection certification. As the world's leading provider of automated software testing and software lifecycle management solutions, parasoft is trying to rewrite the industrial pattern and development trajectory of China's industrial software testing tools, and with an unstoppable attitude, it is leading the development of fully automated industrial robot testing and other vertical industries under the Ministry of industry

(Figure 2: SGS and parasoft signed a memorandum of cooperation)

at the signing ceremony, Parkson, director of SGS Industry Department, said: SGS has always recognized parasoft's products and parasoft's professional strength in software testing, especially in the field of robotics. This signing is only the beginning. After that, we will further share the technology of both sides and the latest information resources of the industry to carry out in-depth cooperation, Provide one-stop portable services in the field of industrial robots. It is believed that the technology and professional service spirit of SGS and parasoft will open up new overall software solutions in the industry and bring great convenience to the development of global industrial robots

in recent years, in order to promote the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of China's robot industry, industry and industrial robots have been listed as one of the key issues in the "made in China 2025" plan. The use of industrial and other plant fibers can also reduce costs and reduce weight. The certification standards of industrial robots and the safety of robots have become the focus of the industry

AI technology and machine vision technology are in the era of rapid iteration. Most major manufacturers pursue the diversity of robot functions, but there are still many hidden dangers for the safety and stability of products, and enterprises will increase a lot of costs in product rectification. Compared with hardware equipment, the "soft power" control system such as robot certification is more important for industrial robots

The cooperation between SGS and parasoft has achieved cross industry resource integration, which can not only provide enterprises with the best software testing system solutions, ensure industrial robot certification, functional safety and information security, and help enterprises complete international standard certification, but also a negative enterprise's contribution to the industry and national policies

in addition, with the deep binding of the industrial robot industry with the strategic guidelines such as made in China 2025 and industry 4.0, as an important part of China's 13th five year plan strategy, the development of industrial robots has accelerated again. According to the report on the development of China's robot industry, the size of China's robot market is expected to reach $8.74 billion in 2018, of which industrial robots will reach $6.23 billion, Industrial robots will continue to dominate the market in the coming years

although the development prospect of industrial robot products is broad, the domestic industrial robot industry is still facing the development pattern of "small, weak and scattered"; Many key standards in the domestic robot industry are missing, but SGS' technical expert team actively studies international standards to standardize products with advanced standards

at the meeting, SGS issued the first AGV full instruction CE certificate for Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co., Ltd. As a subsidiary of Hikvision, Hikvision robot has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent internal logistics, established a rigorous research and development and quality control system, and paid attention to standard construction. After a complete set of strict certification tests, its AGV products meet the requirements of EU standards, setting a benchmark for the robot industry. SGS industrial director said that as an internationally recognized third-party organization, it is our mission to lead national enterprises to the world. The issuance of the AGV full directive CE certificate is an intuitive reflection of the achievements of China's robot standard practice by both sides, and will lead China's industrial robot industry into a new era of global standardization development

(Figure 3: SGS issued the first AGV full instruction CE certificate in China to Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co., Ltd.)

at this meeting, many delegates had a heated discussion on industrial robot certification and other industry standards. Mr. Liu Yue, general manager of parasoft, said: the field of industrial robot will be the focus of parasoft's future efforts. Parasoft's c/c test software testing solution, It can help developers quickly analyze the slow cooling of industrial robot control in order to reduce the internal stress system code of products, find fatal defects and security vulnerabilities, perform efficient unit testing, reduce risks and costs, and achieve industry compliance standards through automated software testing requirements. This time, a memorandum of strategic partnership was signed with SGS. The two sides will use their own advantages to establish enterprise standards for cooperative customers and help improve industrial standards such as industrial robot certification


during the two-day meeting, Yang Shuping, Secretary General of the robot and robot equipment sub Technical Committee of the national automation system and integration Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc159/sc2), explained the current situation of robot standardization to the participating enterprises, encouraged enterprises to actively participate in the standardization construction, and promoted the healthy development of the industry

in addition, the principals of Xinsong robot, Baidu, Haikang robot and other enterprises also brought theme sharing to the guests. At the same time, the SGS industrial robot expert team also shared the technical dry goods accumulated for many years, summarized and analyzed the latest robot certification regulations, explained the evaluation process and methods of industrial robots through examples, and helped enterprises understand the requirements of industrial robots in terms of safety and reliability, Advocate enterprises to introduce standard requirements in the R & D and design stage, save costs, and lay a good foundation for successfully passing the inspection and certification in the future

(Figure 4: the site of the second industrial machine hygroscopic gadget people's conference)

the wonderful speeches of the representatives made many people in the industry see more possibilities in the future in the field of industrial robots. At the meeting, many insiders put forward their own opinions on the overall solution to the current development of the industry, pointed out the new opportunities for the development of the industry, and provided new ideas for solving the development problems of the industry

the conference ended with a heated discussion

the successful convening of this conference, especially the cooperation between SGS and parasoft, will inevitably stir up a wave in the industry, become a milestone in the new model of software testing and testing integration, and will also lead China's industrial robot industry into a new era of development

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