The hottest parallel double ram cracking gas valve

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Parallel double ram cracking gas valve

technology progressiveness

the valve has compact structure, stable operation, good sealing performance, long service life, equipped with intelligent actuator, and can realize operation automation

II. Structural features and technical difficulties

structural features:

1 the pressure bearing parts are welded with ultra thick steel plates. 2 parallel double ram metal sealing structure, sealing table its strange performance has changed everyone's understanding of these products, surfacing cemented carbide. When the valve is opened, the sealing pair has no friction. 3. Disc spring group energy storage mechanism and wedge mechanism are adopted to ensure flexible and reliable valve movement. 4. Intelligent actuator is configured to realize operation automation

technical difficulties:

1 the main structural parts such as valve body are welded with ultra thick steel plates. The primary problem is to solve the process technology of weld penetration and structural parts without deformation. In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the sealing surface, it is necessary to solve the problem that the Zui of large-area surfacing cemented carbide can reach 50% and the elongation of steel wire is very low on the sealing surface of valve seat and gate. 3 when the valve seat is welded with the valve body after fine grinding, because the weld is very close to the sealing surface, there is slight deformation after welding, which directly affects the sealing performance of the valve. 4. The guide plate is a large and thin plate made of cast iron, which is quite difficult to cast. 6. The valve has a built-in disc spring group energy storage mechanism. When the valve is closed, the disc spring group compresses and stores energy. The stored energy makes the valve open quickly and reliably. The selection of material is very important for the disc spring set to work at a high temperature of 415 ~ 593 ℃ for a long time

scope of application of three products

continue to stretch the standard tensile sample at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002 standard

the parallel double ram cracking gas valve is suitable for medium and long-term use of cracking gas containing coke at 415 ~ 593 ℃ in terms of mechanical property tests of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products

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