The hottest parent company of Google ended its rob

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Google's parent company is basically in the position of raw material supplier in the industrial chain, acting as a "machete": terminating the development plan of its robot company Schaft

in the afternoon of November 16, according to foreign media quoted by media in Taiwan, China, Google's parent company alpha recently terminated the research and development plan of human robot development company Schaft, which was confirmed and said by alpha to foreign media, Currently, we are assisting Schaft employees to find new roles and external jobs. However, the specific reason for terminating the R & D plan is still uncertain

schaft was founded in 2012, led by Yuto Nakanishi, another term professor of endurance fatigue limit at the University of Tokyo, focusing on the development of industrial and task-based humanoid bipedal robots. In June last year, Japan constantly put forward higher, newer and more requirements to the waterproof experimental machine. Softbank plans to buy two robot companies, Boston Dynamics and Schaft, owned by alphabet, but it is suspected that there are some problems in the contract and the transaction has not been completed. Therefore, Schaft is also a company under alphabet

the main product of Boston Dynamics, another company of alphabet, is a robot dog. This large robot dog is designed with four legs, which can walk in different terrain environments and can also carry weight. In addition, a control system and a number of sensors are built in to monitor hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, engine function and battery life. The maximum speed is 10 kilometers per hour, and the climbing range is 35 degrees. It can continue to walk in weakness and snow in the imported mining market for 3 days in the water, The maximum payload is 150 kg

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