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Parents' comments: Pallas m

Germany Cybex child safety seat car P5, manual hydraulic versatile data experimental machine allas m-fix 9 months-12 years old with isofix

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specifically, akro-plastic shows a number of lightweight solutions. How about the Cybex child safety seat, Please refer to the following introduction of parents using friends:

I have been comparing various brands of safety seats. Finally, considering the most important safety factors, I chose Cybex, and there is a warranty. I bought it very reliably. After seeing the real object, I found that the appearance was also amazing, which was even better than the guarantee of photo displacement accuracy. The baby is only three months old and can't wait to buy it. Very good overall

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specifications and parameters of Cybex child safety seat:

origin: Chinese Mainland

style: sitting style

Color Classification: hot red style, blue autumn leaves until they break gold

safety seat brand: Cybex

model: Pallas m-fix

suitable weight: 9kg-36kg

applicable age: 9 months-12 weeks year old

installation interface: ISOFIX interface

human body Fixing method: front protector

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