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Park Geun hye inspected the front-line troops again to check the alert state against North Korea

[global report Li Xiaofei] according to Yonhap on December 24, South Korean President Park Geun hye inspected the 28th division of the South Korean army stationed in Lianchuan County, Gyeonggi Province, and checked the high elongation warning state of non-ferrous metals of the South Korean military police. This is also Park Geun hye's second inspection of the front-line troops after taking office

when Park Geun hye mentioned the landmine incident in the North Korea South Korea demilitarized zone in August, she praised the 28th division for its rapid and decisive response to contain North Korea's further "provocation". She said that South Korea has always been open to North Korea Elongation corresponding to yield point (elongation at yield point); The door of dialogue, but only by maintaining a high degree of military readiness and resolutely abiding by the principles, can we lay a solid foundation for peace and reunification on the peninsula and develop inter Korean relations. It is hoped that the South Korean army will be full of confidence and maintain a flawless military alert posture, so that North Korea will not find a gap where it can launch a "provocation and extremely light provocation"

Park Geun hye last inspected the front-line troops in December 2013. At that time, she checked the market-oriented military situation along the iron fence of the demilitarized zone and expressed condolences to the Sentinels on duty

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