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Park Geun hye's "Arabic threatening note" at tirincheon airport calls for the adoption of the anti-terrorism law

[global report, Li Xiaofei] according to Yonhap on February 2, the rigidity of the Korean President's system has become the key to the normal operation of all systems. The flexible packaging requirements of the government green tiles require that the electronic tensile testing machine 1 machine multi-purpose platform spokesman Zheng ranguo said, President Park Geun hye, when presiding over the State Conference on the 2nd, expressed concern about the security environment at home and abroad and the risk signs such as the "Arabic threatening note" at Incheon Airport, called on Congress to reach a balanced state and pass the Anti Terrorism Law, requiring relevant government agencies to strengthen anti-terrorism security

Park Geun hye pointed out that the terrorist threat is intensifying, and multiple factors have triggered public concerns about the security inspection system of Incheon International Airport. In order to avoid similar incidents, the South Korean Ministry of land and resources and other relevant departments will formulate practical and effective security measures and implement them. At the same time, park Geun hye also expressed concern about the adverse factors of internal and external security in South Korea. At present, the domestic and international security environment faced by South Korea is more severe, and the possibility of North Korea's nuclear test and missile launch poses a serious threat to South Korea's security. Park Geun hye is worried that the false alarm of the Arabic threatening note found at Incheon Airport recently has become a reality

Park Geun hye said that if terrorist activities around the world spread to Jinan experimental machine factory in South Korea, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you that its direct target is undoubtedly South Korean nationals. At present, Britain, France and other countries actively respond to the severe situation of counter-terrorism, or improve the existing legal framework, or formulate new anti-terrorism laws. The anti-terrorism law of South Korea has still been shelved by the Congress, which reflects the lack of urgency to ensure the safety of national life

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